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Nazool Quran in the night of Majesty.
Date: Thursday, 3 September 2009, 8:58 pm

Most of my friends believe in Shane Nazool in 23 years. This is for them.

97:1 Behold, We have revealed it in the Night of Majesty.
97:2 Ah, what will enlighten you what it is, the Night of Majesty!
97:3 The Night of Majesty is better than a thousand months. (A day of enlightenment is better than a life-time of ignorance).

Fact 1. In the presence of Surah Qadar there is no doubt that complete Nazool Quran happened in the night of Lailatul Qadar. ( 97:1 ). The words are crystal. Translate them any way or in any language. So there is no space for any thoughts on this fact.

Fact 2. Suarh Qadar is a Makki surah . So we know that this great nazool happened early and passing on to muslims went on through out prophet’ life.

Fact 3. Those who wonder how prophet could have retained so much for so long, then today they should look around millions of Hafiz Quran. If children can memorize it for life, then why not Prophet.
(Surah Rehman 55: 2 He it is, who made it known and taught Quran ).
(Surah Ala 87:6 O. Messnger, We shall teach you thus you will never forget )

We also see small children of 10-15 years, virtually memorizing whole oxford dictionaries. See BBC vocabulary programs (Spelling Bee).
Scientist and mathematicians remember thousands of formulas and chemical equations. Brain is the most intricate, powerful and complex machine ever created by Allah. Actually Brain only is HUMAN, body is only a carrier.

Today we can transfer a million times bigger data than Quran’s total volume from one source to another storage in few milli seconds (ms), through high speed transfer technologies. We can down load data and photos from moon and Mars surface to earth in no time via microwave bands. Every house has wireless peripherals and internet for data transfers,
then is it a big deal for Creator to do it.

Fact 4. Since prophet had Quran right from beginning, He taught it as and when required, applicable or needed to make muslim’s life worth meeting God’s set standards for mankind. It is the same way as today, we study from class one to graduation in 20 years to meet a certain standard of cultural and social life.

When muslims graduated under the direct guidance of exalted Prophet with just one book ( Quran ), they were glorified by spreading islam and establishing well administered governments in Africa, Europ, India, Iran, Middle east, and up to turkey and china. They developed new cities, knowledge bases, education fields, and created new civilizations. This was the greatest achievement and it all happened in just about 500 years.

Why the downfall.
After that glorious period, we adopted four different Madhabs, known as Hanfi, Shaafi, Maliki, Hanbli, which further branched out into hundreds of sects, Shias, Sunni, Alevi, wahabi, Yazidi, Druze, Ahmadiyya, Bábí, Bahá'í, Berghouata, Ismaeelis, Ha-Mim, Sikhism and now talibanism etc.

Now look at the conditions of present muslims when Mullahs, Imams, Maulanas, Shaikhs, Pirs and Faqeers became teachers of millions of of Hadees and Tafseer books, we lost wars, countries, unity, self beliefs, faith, creativity, kindness, Submission, Respect, educations, and all Power.

What shall we do.
Follow one and only one book ( Quran), since Prophet did so. That will also be the real Sunnah.