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If Makkah was in Pakistan!
By:Kamran Riyadh
Date: Monday, 31 August 2009, 7:54 pm

If Makkah was in Pakistan!

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After writing first part, I realized second part should have been the first because, may be, it is going to be less boring or may be, the first one was very long.

Once my fourth Umrah was complete, I was little tired and while sitting in front of Holy Ka'aba, I started to observe things (actually in my style)... that, “what if Makkah was in Pakistan?” - This sparked TNTs of my brains and answer to question started to emerged, here is what flashed through my mind.

Outside the Haram Shareef, the roads and footpaths were damaged with near falling flyovers and W-11 transporting pilgrims in "tapo tap full" condition (may be "tape bhi bajh raha ho" - but who knows).

At all the doors there would be beggars reciting miraculous prayers for your success in return of money and if given something, they (beggars) will signal their "kalay kalotay" kids to approach you -- because you are a kind man and will definitely give them something too -- these kids will ask for food, trying to stop you by pulling your Ehraam with their dirty hands. At first, you would ignore them but realizing the danger of opening of Ehraam, you will get rid of them by giving Rs. 5 each.

Besides this, there would be thelay walays selling Chinese products and shouting "choubees (24) ke baara (12), choubees ke baara" and on the other side an old police mobile in which some fat, lazy and ugly looking police-men would be providing security services to pilgrims by threatening "aam awam" (general public).

Rangers ke jawan will be standing firm with their old G3s, as if they have to shoot a target 200 meters away, and would be scanning all male pilgrims for catching possible suicide bomber. In order to have fool proof security, they will be using FBI trained K9s (in simple words "kuttay").

Upon entering Masjid-e-Haram, you will see a lot of people with small heads and normal bodies in green dresses (I think they are called "waris shah ki chuiyya" - or something like that) and they would be doing Dhamaal on Qawwali "damm mast qalandar, mast, mast! damm mast qalandar mast".

Qawaals will consider themselves doing great service to Deen by spreading Islam at the beat of Tabla and at the harmony of Harmonium. Naats will be being played in all corners by famous naat khowa'ns and behind them small childrens wearing "haree pugree" (green tubrine) will be singing in chorus "haq-a-Allah' , "haq-a-Allah" .

Each corner of Masjid-e-Haram would be occupied by "paid" mureeds of Peer sahabs who would be considered superior to all humans and in return of black goats / roosters, he would be blessing men, in general and women, in particular.

Ulemaas of Barelwi, Deoband and Ahl-e-Hadith will be casting fatwas (religious decree) on each other declaring the other un-fit for Immamat of Ka'aba. Minister of Religious Affairs, some retired General, will step in to solve the problem by assigning the Immamat to ex-Chief of Army staff, who would, without a beard (but with moustache over his lips), will discharge the responsibilities of Immamat after having done a short course called "Moderate Enlightation Course for 24th century Imams".

Female pilgrims will be getting targeted by "chaarey baz" (or pundee baz as refered to in Lahore). These chaarey baz would, instead of, doing Tawwaf will follow girls with closest distance possible.

Contract of maintenance of Haram Shareef would be given to the person quoting lowest tender price and highest commission under the desk (or in simple words "Rishwat").

Zam zam (or aab-e-zam zam) will be getting bottled and sold out in markets while pilgrims will have to wait in queues to get a glass, in fact, handful of water because the plastic glasses provided free of cost will be stolen for being sold outside at a government subsidized (reasonable) price.

Hamid Mir of Geo News will conduct a capital talk on the issues mentioned above, while Cheif Justice Iftikhar Choudhry will take up another suo-moto notice of load shedding in Haramen Shareefain. Whereas, Nawaz League and PPP will call for protest rally against failure of government to provide necessary facilities and MQM in Karachi and Qaaf League in Pubjab will announce "sab jhoot hai" tehreek as a counter measure. While pathans near Al Asif Square (in Karachi) will block highway to prevent others coming within the limits.

A new PEMRA Ordinance will be promulgated to clamp all the T..V. channels airing problems and my blog and ID will be ordered to be deleted by new Chief Justice (being an apointee under PCO)... ... ...

The thought about my ID getting deleted woke me up... and I thanked Allah that Makkah is in Saudi Arabia, in the custody of people (who can and) have the ability to fulfil all responsibilities. Otherwise, only Allah knows how many Bi'daahs (innovations) would have emerged under the slogan of "bi'daah-e-hasana" .

Indeed, lucky are those people who are born in Makkah, spends whole life near Ka'aba-tul-Allah and what a destiny that their Namaz-e-Janaza is prayed by Imam Ka'aba in front of Ka'aba-tul-Allah. They are even luckier that they only know of four imams of Islam and their Islamic ideology is not further broken in to Deobandi and Barelwi.

As for us, we will always shout slogan of "Pakistan first" -- but in descending order...



Ar Riyadh - KSA

Muharram 19, 1429

Note: The only purpose was to highlight problems in our country and how they are exploited by people with vested interests. Whatever was mentioned about Qawwalis, Dhamaals, etc. is my own eye-witnessed experience in Data Darbar (Lahore) and Shrine of Lal Shehbaz Qalandar (Sind), where people were seen bowing to graves of mentioned saints… and yes, lastly, offend(s) were not intended.

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