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[9:108] You shall never pray in such a masjid
By:Muhammed Irtaza
Date: Monday, 31 August 2009, 1:25 am

Salamun Alykum Battiste.

[9:107] There are those who abuse the masjid by practicing idol worship, dividing the believers, and providing comfort to those who oppose GOD and His messenger. They solemnly swear: "Our intentions are honorable!" GOD bears witness that they are liars.

[9:108] You shall never pray in such a masjid. A masjid that is established on the basis of righteousness from the first day is more worthy of your praying therein. In it, there are people who love to be purified. GOD loves those who purify themselves.

[9:109] Is one who establishes his building on the basis of reverencing GOD and to gain His approval better, or one who establishes his building on the brink of a crumbling cliff, that falls down with him into the fire of Hell? GOD does not guide the transgressing people.

[9:110] Such a building that they have established remains a source of doubt in their hearts, until their hearts are stilled. GOD is Omniscient, Most Wise.

Thank you and may God guide us,

Muhammed Irtaza

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--- On Sun, 8/30/09, Oliver Battiste wrote:

> Thank you very much for
> your detailed explanation, Mr. Irtaza.
> The only issue I have with that is this:
> I don't know of many masjids in my area who practice
> the GOD ALONE type of methodology. Most of the masjids
> in my area are Sunni. So what then? Should I
> wish to take the Shahada, how do I explain to them that I
> wish to say it as the Quran dictates without disrespecting
> them?