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Date: Sunday, 23 August 2009, 3:44 pm
In Response To: NAMAZ: ONCE AND FOR ALL (Dr. Shabbir)

Dr Shabbir

In my humble opinion, we should continue the ritual Namaz as it is until a true Qur’anic rule is established somewhere. The government will then decide how to bring the true spirit of Salaat into today’s empty ritual.

from jawaiad ahmed
"According to Dr Shabbir, Saab, we must continue with the namaz ritual until a Quranic social system is established. My simple question is whether we are going to get true Quranic rule when we are engaged in un-Quranic activities? No Prophet, as far as I can ascertain, ever told his people to continue with manmade, idol worshipping practices while they went about trying to implement the Word of Allah. They all, with one voice, one Revelation, denounced the falsehood and sought to establish a just social and economic system"

I must admit i concur fully with Jawiad on this issue on Dr Shabbirs Statement of Continuing the Ritual prayer etc.. This dumbfounded me for a very loing time and i couldn't understand why The Honourable Dr Shabbir Could come to this conclusion afer Writing and stating the clear facts of Ritual Namaz being taken from Zorostriansm. and the real meaning of Salaat was twisted and mistranlated and used by the Clergy to subjugate the masses.

It was just like a clear contradiction or a quick copout. Even Dr Shabbir himslef has admitted there was ambiguity in his answer. IMHO i believe the Dr didn't want to stick his neck out and state the obvious, Maybe he wanted to appease the masses and sit on the fence but one thing for sure and that is there was no real final definitive answer to this question on namaz. After all Dr Shabbir is only human like all of us with weaknesses ofcourse.

IMHO after reserching about Namaz and the commmon quesiton by N2i's, "where in the Qur'an does Allah show you how to pray and the method etc"? When Qu'ran only Muslims get asked this question most of us fumble and run to Ourbeacon and to start to look to the Quran for answers and we get frustrated hence the N2i says "You see brothers and sisters hence u need the Hadiths, coz namaz and rakats and times are there only in the hadiths... So this gives the hadiths tremendous credibility and confidence. The N2i is happy now coz hes justified the answer and he feels comfortable and smiles and laughs rather heheh

But and a big BUT here, Wait!! However, We all Know Allah says that the Book is detailed and we have left nothing out and is fully completed.

Thank Allah i have always been an Open minded thinker and questioned everything and i for one never believed that The Almighty needed out Puny worship 5 times per day for the rest of our lives as propagated by our clergy and their crazy nonsensical books and literature! BIG DIFFERENCE IN THE WORD "WORSHIP" AND SERVITUDE TO ALLAH.

So Dr Shabbir and other Brothers i ask you, Isn't it plausable to say? Well the Methodolgy of Ritual Namaz prayers and how many rakats one is supposed to perfrom etc are not in Qur'an coz Allah never intended them to be there in the first place. HE NEVER ASKED FOR OUR WORSHIP! I think logic should dictate here, I mean Come on now, If the Lord of the Universes deemed prayer, Ritual Namaz to be so Important dont u think he would have described everything in detail like the mullah claims to do in the hadiths??

Otherwise we could use this arguement on the Day of Judment before the Almighty and say " Allah are you going to punish me because i didn't offer to you the ritual 5 times per day namaz, surely we could say to our advantage, and again say "But Allah i looked and searched in your Qur'an and i couldnt find the method and rakats etc. So how can we be held to account for not offereing ritual Nazam when clearly Allah himself has not mentioned or ordained it! or did he ask us to go to the Bukhari hadiths and co to get the method of prayer?? Ofcourse not! Surely this would be unjust of Allah to do such a thing, High is Allah above all things!!!. This is what my logic tells me. So my concluison is simple, and like Dr Shabbir now has made IMHO the correct and BRAVE announcement below of which i fully concur.

“I stand corrected.
With so much convincing proof at hand that the ritual NAMAZ is man-made, I think, I can boldly announce that there is no need to revive this fake ritual. It only wastes our time and violates human rights.
It comes nowhere close to AQAAMATUSSALAAT”.


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