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Re: Aren't we Muslim?
Date: Monday, 20 July 2009, 12:14 am
In Response To: Aren't we Muslim? (Muhammad Latif Chaudhery)

In the name of Allah, the source of all mercy and kindness.

Allah did not create us perfect. We are all going to fall short
sometimes and fail to uphold all the divine laws. Either due to
ignorance, coercion, oppression or our own ego (selfish desires, pride,
inner demon, satan). Allah in his wisdom describes himself as merciful
and forgiving. He understands our nature better than we do. Afterall, he
created it!

What Allah expects from us as Muslims is to strive and struggle to be
better. Growth (self development) is dependent on active struggle. It is
a deep yearning and desire to be better in all aspects of our lives. It
is a never ending pursuit to copy and mimic just like Allah's awesome
attributes in intellect, character, conduct, creativity and personality.
Fortunately, Allah has provided us with the guidelines to acheive this
in his book, the Quran, and gave us perfect examples, in the messengers
he sent to humanity. This is what Allah expects from us at the personal,
or individual level. He expects an impeccable character, blameless
conduct and an ever curious intellect always seeking the truth. It
takes of life time of study, devotion and practice to emulate Allah's

At the broader level, Allah expects 2 things from Muslims.

1) The unification of humanity (regardless of our differences)
2) The creation of utopias (perfect systems, organizations, structures,
families, communities societies, countries and nations) based on the
divine wisdoms found in the Quran.

So by what standards should you judge yourself as a Muslim? We need to
ask ourselves the following questions if we aspire to be mature Muslims.

1) What are we doing daily to improve our conduct and character (in
particular, our interaction with the creations of the universe (both
hostile and friendly) and universe itself)?

2) What are we doing to unify humanity so we can focus on our common
responsibilities and heritages as opposed to our superficial

3) What are we doing to create perfect systems,organizations,
structures, families and communities based on the divine wisdoms found
in the Quran.

In my humble opinion, I think these are criteria we should use to judge
ourselves as Muslims as opposed to how many divine laws we are obeying.
The reality is that it'll be difficult and sometimes impossible to
follow all the divine laws if we do not create the environment that
makes it easy for every creation to do so.

Finally, Allah judges based on the effort and intention behind our
actions, and not just our actions alone. I'm sure we've all being in
situations where we were forced to do things against our will. In such
instances it unfair to judge just actions without taking into
consideration the intentions surrounding the actions. You'd find that in
several places in the Quran where the word "action" crops up it is
usually followed by "intention".

May Allah guide us to the best path.


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