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By:Ch. Hawkins / Dr. Shabbir
Date: Tuesday, 14 July 2009, 8:58 am

ASA Dear Dr. Shabbir,

I pray that you are well and that Allah continues to bless you and your family.

Dr. Shabbir, I had a conversation this morning with a dear friend regarding a recent death of someone we knew. My friend mentioned it’s a good thing we're Muslim because the friend who died was Muslim but his wife wasn't and he feared that she did not bury him properly as a Muslim should be laid to rest. He said that its known as in Judaism that the body be committed to the earth as soon as possible preferably within 72 hours. I asked my friend where did he hear or read that and he said more than likely in Hadith.

Which led to my writing you. Is there a system that Muslim's should follow regarding burials? The traditional ways are not how I want to be buried, what advice or guidance based on the Quran could you offer.


Charles Abdus Salaam Hawkins

Dear brother, WA

The Quran does not concern itself with the dead. The Book is a guidance for the living.

Burial: Just use common sense. Yes, there is a Hadith encouraging quick rather than delayed burial.