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Re: Bosnians were always cultural Christians
Date: Tuesday, 14 July 2009, 6:27 am
In Response To: Bosnians were always cultural Christians (Javed Iqbal)

Respected Javed Iqbal Saheb,

It is a good expression of thoughts and your sentiments are quite moving. I find few confusions in your writing, it may be my lack of understanding. You are complaining that rest of the Muslim namesake nations did not join the remembrance of Bosnians genocide, but at the same time you are justifying it by bringing that Bosnians were Muslims in name only ( as rest of us are Q'uran guided Momins).

You said that Muslim blood was cheap as water hundred years ago and still is. Should we believe that rest of the world is responsible for it?
Approximately 65 years ago Japan and German blood was even cheaper than water, so much that two atomic tests were quite justified creating a genocide of hundred thousand or more dead and as many were left to suffer for a long time. German cities were flattened with thousands killed and that happened after the war was already won. Are you getting the point. Yes the west did help them get up, but it was the people of those nations who did the running to the destiny chosen by them.

I will give you another example, if I may. History tell us that the Indo Pak devision was economically very uneven. Initially Ludhiana and few other places were supposed to go to Pakistan, but those cities had established Industries, so the "bad boys" did not get better gifts. The Spirits of new Immigrants to Pakistan as well as that of local people was so high and their belief in Allah and Allah's help only was so high that they created their own better gifts and many industries sprung from the barren earth. Punjabi farmers worked extra hard to produce the food for all and good things happened. Brotherhood did not last long enough to create what it could have been. I am breaking this paragraph, read rest of it a little later.

You said, "Unless the economy is guided by Sharia and both public and private law comes under its purview----" Whose Sharia we are talking about, Sunni Sharia or Shia Sharia, Hanfi, Maliki, or what not.

Ah if we, specially our intelligentsia, can learn to replace Sharia with Quran or Quranic. Give me permission to rewrite your sentence, if I may.

"Unless the economy is guided by Quran (not Sharia) and both public and private law comes under its purview------"
Can any Muslim or namesake Muslim will dare to ask " whose Quran, Sunni Quran or Shia Quran------"

If we, by design and choice, stop using the word Sharia, there may be a hope for Quran to have a room in our thoughts and lives.

So I was saying that the brotherhood in Jinah's Pakistan did no last. Brailvey, Deobandi, Mudoodi's Jamati. Jamait ul Ulma, Sufis, everyone wanted their Sharia to be propagated and be the dominant force. Political horse trading, assassinations, Military's brass's self righteousness, "too many chiefs, no Indian(American Indigenous, erroneously called Indians) ".

Past is only to learn from, if we have courage to do that. Can we agree not to use "Sharia" as a desired system, please?

The Socio- Political system is Salat, and the Economic and Welfare system is Zakat, the central theme of Al-Ktab, the Quran, and it has always been that. I am not saying it He said it in Al-Kitab, I have only dared to put it in my words.

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