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Bosnians were always cultural Christians
By:Javed Iqbal
Date: Monday, 13 July 2009, 8:20 pm
In Response To: 'For us, Ambedkar is father of the nation' (Madhu Chandra, India)

The other day, 20,000 European Muslims remembered the genocide of Bosnian Muslims, 14 years ago, in Serbernica.On the fateful day 8,000. Muslims were mercilessly slaughtered by the so called educated and progressive European Christians. They tried to cleanse Europe from Muslims.Reportedly it is the worst atrocity in Europe after world war II.Surprising in rest of the Muslim Ummah the memory of the ghastly massacre was not elaborately solemnized and no meetings or public gatherings were called . This cold shoulder to Muslim cause by millate Islamiah in general is a cause of serious concern for thinking minds of the Nation of Islam.

We cannot forget that the Muslims of Bosnia were Muslim only in beliefs. They had a secular approach to the governance of society and culturally they were Christian. Inter faith marriages with Christians were commonplace. There were no issues of land or wealth distribution. Yet the powers that be, managed to organize a slaughter of Muslims at genocidal levels is not only surprising, but very worrisome. Iqbal had lamented hundred years ago that:

" Muslim blood has become cheap as water ! "

That verse is as relevant today, as it was 100 years ago. Which means that our thinkers, ulemaa and opinion leaders have failed to give the priority to Muslim unity and coordinated action, it deserves. As a result Muslim blood is still flowing in Kashmir, Philippines, Thailand, China, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Palestine, Iraq, Algiers, Somalia and Sudan. India kills Muslims in the name of sectarian violence and infiltrators from Bangladesh. Had not the financial breakdown severely limited the capacity of American - European war machine, the present onslaught on Muslims would have been going on a much larger scale.

The vision of our scholars and thinkers seems to be obscured by greed as huge funds have been earmarked to spread secular thought in Muslim lands. Or they are simply unable to see the difference between the Muslim nations and the Christian ones. State had always been a secular arm of Church, whereas in Islam dichotomy of religion and state is looked down. Unless the economy is guided by Sharia and both public and private law comes under its purview, a state cannot call itself to be a Muslim state. Surprisingly scantly educated and low income Pashtun belt can see this fact vividly, but not the highly educated and prosperous Panjab and Sindh in Pakistan and our brothers in Bangladesh. An interest free and classless society can only come into being by following Islam in letter and spirit. The sooner this fact is ingrained in the minds of our intellectuals, the quicker we can understand the reasons for senseless anti Muslim sentiment and campaign of hatred unleashed against us.

Javed Iqbal

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