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Zardari, the moron president
Date: Sunday, 12 July 2009, 12:29 am

The perils of having a moron as president
"India not a threat", says President Asif Zardari

First he said there is an Indian in every Pakistani. Now he thinks Indians are his blood brothers. His whole body and thought process is built from Haram and khiyanat. What does he know about dignity, honour and courage or even self respect. There may be a Hindu in Him but for Pakistan, India remains the biggest threat, supported by Israel, US and Baitullah Mehsud.

This is what a suicide bomber looks like!

Climbing Death Toll Raises British Doubts on Afghanistan Mission

Afghanistan has been turned into a hell for the crusading forces in last five years. British Did not learn from their catastrophic defeat in First Anglo-Afghan War of 1839-42 when their entire army of 16,500 soldiers were brutally massacred by Afghans, leaving survived just a single person Dr. William Brydon, a British Army physician to narrate the tale of Afghan resistance to his masters.

“Thousands of mourners bowed their heads in tribute Friday to the passing coffins of British soldiers killed in a new offensive in Afghanistan, where the climbing toll has created doubts in Britain about the human cost of the war.”