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Re: Rituals
Date: Thursday, 9 July 2009, 5:05 pm
In Response To: Re: Rituals (Dr. Shabbir)

Dr, Sahab,

Thank you, and i agree 100% with your dissection, and regret for your time wasted. I have the same opinion about him.
But i wanted every one to know that he and similar others, so called big name professors are in lead on national level and very respected names on Tv channels. People listen and believe them with a lot of respect. This is just a sample, there are worse. Unfortunately.

A federal law minister, Mr. B.A with a fake $100 Phd degree also lectures regularly on Tv covering islamic concepts.
A fake MBBS degree doctor runs a very famous program " Alim Online" on Geo Tv. His listeners are in millions.
A pop singer turned Alim Mr. JJ, with no study of any book in his entire life, lectures all around world on Tableeghi missions.
An ex top national cricketer turned mullah, with no study is now on a similar mission in N. America and all around world. There are some more ex cricketers, all Primary school drops, are under his wings and getting ready for world wide missions for spreading "knowledge".

Except Dr. jawaid A Ghamidi, a very realist scholar, and a few more, we do not find any one talking sense at national level in Pakistan.

Thats why we are, where we are.


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