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Re: Rituals
By:Dr. Shabbir
Date: Thursday, 9 July 2009, 3:30 pm
In Response To: Rituals (Sidqi)

Dear Sidqi Saheb, WA

With due respects to you, this person is dangerous :-) When ignorance appears in the garb of knowledge, it stupefies the gullible. This writing is a bundle of errors, wrongs, lies and deceit.

The writer cannot spell Descartes. He claims that Fleming invented a vaccine. [Did he or was it Penicillin?] Then he fabricates his fantasy of Fleming's encounter with the 'multi verses'.


“Mr. White Head and Ni tshey were filing their queries and Mullah Charagh Din & Mullah Noor Din were there to answer them.”


He cannot spell Whitehead and Nietzsche, but more importantly, none of them ever threw any queries upon Muslims.

By naming some names this man tries to impress people of his knowledge which is, at best, stupid fantasy.


“Once notorious scholar Sartor said hell is the other person.”

Where did he say this? Any book, the exact quote? What was he notorious for? Does he mean George Sarton?

He calls Allah as the product (of Islam). What an insult?

“Once some one asked to Russel that whether he has read Quran? He replied that why he should as he has read the bible and all the gospel truth are alike.”

Frank lie! Where did Bertrand Russell say that? He won’t since he vehemently denied the Bible.

“They (Muslims) had solely been ruling the world since eight and half thousand years.”

What is he talking about?

“Edward Sachau – translator of Alberooni s’ famous book - describes that by force inducement of rigid religious beliefs caused a permanent deed lock against their innovative and creative thinking.”
Which book? Where is the exact quote? In fact, no real quotes have been given at all, exposing him as a liar.
“It is the same Alghzali to whom Decord the father of modern philosophy reproduces chapter to chapter of his work and does not care to mention it.”

Ghazali whom we have proven to be a Criminal of Islam. [I might reproduce my chapter on him below.] This ignorant, perhaps senile Mr. Know-It-All, again fails to tell what book it was.


“ .. in 1580s the queen of England while depart ring for a war wrote a request letter to Salman Zeshan the king of Turkey ensuring him that during this time her country will be at his disposal.”

What nonsense is this? Any reference? [Sulaiman, the Magnificent = Suleman Pur-Shikoh. No "Zeshan" in history. And he would rule Britain from 4,000 miles away like a stop-gap school teacher take another's class one day!]

“.. rituals are practical expression of Islamic beliefs.”

What? Is it rituals or is it good treatment of Allah’s creation?

“We can not question, derivate or refute the sayings of Hazrat Mohammad PBOH after declaring our self as a Muslims.”
How does he know that material collected centuries after the exalted Messenger, on hearsay, was indeed his sayings?
“.. we have ever green pseudo revolutionaries on the every corner of the street. They are self appointed soldiers of the God which are bestowed to the acerbic Ummah to lead it in both worlds.”

This senile man is trying to be exactly that but he cannot become even that since he is so ignorant and deceptive. Even his English is awfully weak in every respect.

With due apologies, dear Sidqi Saheb, I feel for you, me and others whose time this man must be wasting.

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