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Date: Thursday, 9 July 2009, 5:43 am

A learned friend's letter on ritualism.


Dear Sidqi.

There are only two rivals of Islam; on one side it is Mullah and on the other hand it is secular. Mullas has become the symbol of Islam and this shameful intro has spoiled our image around the globe. Who cares Islam is a philosophy not merely a group of commoners always equipped with a specific appearance. In modern terms mullahism is the worst example of de-marketing which earned a bad repute for its product (Allah). What did the seculars do with religion? Once some one asked to Russel that whether he has read Quran? He replied that why he should as he has read the bible and all the gospel truth are alike. There have always been two academic draw backs with the skeptic philosophy; firstly all of its schools did not pay adequate attention to the subject of God and beside of believing in highly sophisticated research oriented system they refuted the ideology with out spending a single moment in the way of this particular quest. Mr.
Fleming spends ten precious years and finally discovers a vaccine but when he comes across to the ultimate reality of the multi universes he does not bother to take even a pause to reject the whole metaphysical existences.

Islam never saw dusk through out of its life span. It was the Muslims who fell down into the deep sea of ignorance after losing Allah as their top propriety. They had solely been ruling the world since eight and half thousand years. Continuous victories and long period of rule filched off their educational inspiration and resulted in a huge disaster by creating a communication barrier towards up-to-the-minute scientific propensities . Some historians think an other way. Edward Sachau – translator of Alberooni s’ famous book - describes that by force inducement of rigid religious beliefs caused a permanent deed lock against their innovative and creative thinking.

The golden era of Muslim thinkers started from almost 750 A.D and lasted up to 1120 A.D. We have a long list of above said thinkers from Jaber bin Hayan to Alghazali. It is the same Alghzali to whom Decord the father of modern philosophy reproduces chapter to chapter of his work and does not care to mention it. These thinkers not only did miracle work to all sphere of knowledge but also laid down the foundation of the modern sciences. The Muslims were in supreme power till the end of sixteenth century, even in 1580s the queen of England while depart ring for a war wrote a request letter to Salman Zeshan the king of Turkey ensuring him
that during this time her country will be at his disposal.

Question arises whether the rituals can be blamed for the down fall of the Muslims. If it is true then what kind of logic would be lodged for the five hundred years of their glory? Did they deny rituals at any stage?
However, it is fact that they believed in very refined approach of religion. To them, religion was considered as a path leading towards the ultimate destination of Allah. They did not restrict their thoughts to the extent of rituals. Religion does not stand for to carry out a static set of practices. It is a way out recommended by the God to find out His existence and even to explore His main thesis of creating these universes.
As a matter of fact, rituals are practical expression of Islamic beliefs.
Every ideology embarks its specific culture which safeguards its norms, values and traditions. In broader spectrum, we can conclude that these are representation of Islamic culture in a society. Personally, some time I do not like the interference of God in my routine life but still I find my self helpless to obey Him. Despite of the fact we hate heavy taxes but still we manage to clear them at our earliest. Why it happens so? Perhaps when we believe in any system, we do not have choice to object its institutions, departments, clauses, sub clauses, rules and disciplines.
This theory can be placed on the subject of Hadeth as well. We can not question, derivate or refute the sayings of Hazrat Mohammad PBOH after declaring our self as a Muslims.

During the early period of their subjugation, Muslims parted the knowledge into two major categories; material education (Dunyavi Taleem) and religious education (Deeni Taleem). It was major dilemma which converted the religion in a cult. With the passage of time such dogmatic creeds produced Mullains, according to them rituals became religion. They imparted physical exercises in the name of religion. Ironically, we saw that humiliating stage where Mr. White Head and Ni tshey were filing their queries and Mullah Charagh Din & Mullah Noor Din were there to answer them. It had been a ridiculous match; there could not be a fair result of this duel.

The reason of our mental tight spot is not restricted to the extent of misperception of the God. It goes on to the frightened level where we observe that there are hundred of blunders regarding the perception of religion which we believe in. Once notorious scholar Sartor said hell is the other person. We as a Muslims always seem to follow this version of Sartor. Restructuring of one’s own self is not an issue for us. Like a high-quality psychiatrist every body is prescribing a long list of fruitful solutions for others. No doubt, there is concept of preaching, discipline and accountability in Islam. But, what about self learning, self discipline and self accountability? Subsequently, we have ever green pseudo revolutionaries on the every corner of the street. They are self appointed soldiers of the God which are bestowed to the acerbic Ummah to lead it in both worlds.
Every so called revolutionary has firm belief that he is selected by God and on behalf of Him it is his duty to establish new group and should struggle for the noble revolution.

comments are welcome.

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