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By:Zaid Hamid, RWP
Date: Thursday, 9 July 2009, 12:11 am

09 Jul 2009
بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم
In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Kind

Dear brothers and sisters,

السلام عليکم و رحمۃ اللہ و برکاتہ
Peace be upon you

1. URGENT ALERT: India Pays Baitullah Mehsud to Attack Pakistan’s Nuclear Sites, Plan Deployed
The Indians working with their allies in the Karzai government have designed a foolproof plan to attack Pakistani nuclear sites using hired terrorists. This is a seriously dangerous plot against Pakistan!

“They think they can pull it off and permanently damage Pakistan’s standing internationally and hasten calls for denuclearizing Pakistan. Any attack on Pakistani nuclear sites in the coming days will be taken as a declaration of war by India and will be dealt with equal force. There should not be confusion on this.”

2. Who is Baitullah Mehsud?

3. The Muslim Ummah mourns 'headscarf martyr'
This is the story of a martyred Sister Sherbeni, who embraced Shahadat while trying to uphold the ruling of Hijab in Islam. We are proud of our Sister who didn’t sell her dignity, honor and respect for cheap. Rather, she did what Allah told her to do and gave her life for the same. Women like these, who have such strong Character and Faith who turn out to be essential assets of the Muslim Ummah. Allah grant her peace and highest level of Jannah. Ameen

“The body of a Muslim woman, killed in a German courtroom by a man convicted of insulting her religion, has been taken back to her native Egypt for burial. Marwa Sherbini, 31, was stabbed 18 times by Axel W, who is now under arrest in Dresden for suspected murder.”

4. Pakistan – Heaven on Earth
Watch captivating pictures of the Natural beauty of Pakistan Sarzameen

5. Israeli foreign minister welcomes Biden's statement that Israel makes own decisions on Iran
Israelis are like scavengers that sit on a table and keep discussing who to butcher now? These sick minds are creating chaos and bloodshed in the entire World. If they think that attacking Iran is logically correct, then it is more than ever logically correct for the Muslim Ummah to unite as a single force and attack Israel for what it has done to innocent Muslims in Palestine and Gaza over the years. If they can create baseless logics and take actions according to it, we will follow rightful logics and act wisely.
This is our logic and we are not taking dictation from these zionists!!!

“Israel's hard-line foreign minister on Monday welcomed Vice President Joe Biden's statement that Israel can make its own decision about whether to attack Iran's nuclear facilities, calling it "logical."

6. UK weapons inspector who was found dead was writing expose-paper
“British weapons inspector Dr. David Kelly was writing an expose about his work with anthrax and his warnings that Iraq possessed no weapons of mass destruction at the time of his death in July 2003.”

7. How the FBI and 9/11 Commission Suppressed Key Evidence about Hani Hanjour, Alleged Hijack Pilot of AAL 77
“The evidence was crucial because it undermined the official explanation that Hani Hanjour crashed American Airlines Flight 77 into the Pentagon at high speed after executing an extremely difficult top gun maneuver. But to understand how all of this played out, let us review the case in bite-size pieces...”

8. US Government poisoning its own soldiers
Here is a youtube video about the US Government POISONING US SOLDIERS with FLU Vaccination. If they can be so cruel to their own children, should we expect any mercy from them when it comes to our children?

جزاک اللہ خیراً

BrassTacks Team

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