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Why India Ranks 180 in Enforcing Contracts
By:Ravinder Singh
Date: Friday, 3 July 2009, 5:03 pm

Why India Ranks 180 in Enforcing Contracts – Genetic Disorder in Banias

It is not right blame entire Bania community as Cheats agreed but the evidence we have justifies it. In the following WB study you will find India ranks 180 among 181 nations and the country below us is Benin a small African nation.

It is not you and I who are responsible for this rating – Banias indulge in all kinds of cheatings and frauds and forgeries and adulteration and not obey Court Orders even corrupt judges, corrupt public servants to create problems for rivals.

This leaves with two options –

Either we accept all we Indians are Cheats,

Or we point to Banias as the source of genetic disorder.


Bania Genetic Disorder?

Firstly, you will be surprised to learn Tata, Birla, Bajaj, Mahindra and more Bania companies are in Automobile Sector for five decades but need collaborations to develop motorcycles or cars technologically three decade old technologies for cars like Indica.

Secondly, almost all the family members are Directors of Bania companies, next preference is retired public servants or in their laws, few professionals are inducted on temporary basis.

Thirdly none of the Bania community leaders expose the criminal practices this too is generic disorder present in Bania community. In all other communities no one support CRIMINALS and CHEATS.

Fourthly Bania companies have taken over 1000 foreign companies – spending $100b of public money. I have not heard of any of these Foreign Investments enriching India that all Promised. They would tell Government of India to block foreign investments.

Fifthly they will tell Government of India to direct Banks to provide Rs.5,00,000 crores For Consumer Finance. I have seen Bania Bajaj insisting Consumer Finance to increase and at the same time opposing Credit to Farmers.

Sixthly they always talk of Level Playing Field but none of Banias ever questioned why Ratan Tata was given Rs.10,000 crores promotion for Nano project. Is it level playing field?


8.5 The company continued to receive and assimilate technology inputs from its foreign partners - Kawasaki, Kubota and Tokyo R & D of Japan and Cagiva of Italy. AR 1999-00

Partner or Contractor or Consultant

Bania Bajaj has referred to Kawasaki, Kubota, TokyoR&D and Cagiva when in trouble seek technology as Partners. After 4-5 years when technology is transferred and there is time for sharing profits – they are kicked out.

Harvard educated Bajaj clearly knows the difference between Partner and Contractor and consultant.

Ravinder Singh

July03, 2009

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