Our Beacon Forum

Date: Wednesday, 1 July 2009, 4:35 pm

Thanks to Dr. Shabbir for rebutting the video of Robert Spencer and et al.

Ideas are not responsible for people who believe in it. But people are responsible for ideas that create them. Words and sentences that we hear or say are mere reflection of ideas that we keep in our mind or conceal in our heart. So it’s not difficult to understand where the video talk is coming from. It’s an outright idea to denigrate Islam. Materials that feeds the video are those misinformed Islamic notions and concocted diktats that our Imams and clerics had been inventing and filling into Western minds since ages.

The last part of the video is too hilarious, like a Broadway performance on the pulpit of a mosque. And that’s the punch point of the whole video. The idea that enters the heart under sword remains there for long.

Islam’s biggest challenge has always been its dumbfounding clerics. Such clerics also exist in other traditions and they are not unique only to Islam. They all should be charged for their vice against each other because they refuse to learn to check their ignorance against humanity. If clerics do right, nothing can go wrong.

Dr. Shabbir’s effort of refuting the video is highly treasured. May God let him enter into the heart of clerics.