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Re: Be an optimist
Date: Tuesday, 23 June 2009, 7:36 pm
In Response To: Re: Rights of Allah & Rights of Humans! (shahalam)

Dear ShahAlam,

Lets try optimism.

This day, we are observing a revolt against a 40 years old religious monks supremacy in Iran. The turmoil is never about election or Mousavi, its about religion. People do not take for long such forced deen( Power of Monks). Have no about it, Mousavi was and is a much part of mullah gang, so is Rafanjani, Mousavi was also part of islamic revolution in 70's. But now they are not leading masses, its masses, who are leading them. oppressed people just want a figure.

Why people always welcome a new General or Banazeer or Shareef or congress or Bjp in India/Pakistan, they are optimistic. These leaders fail them, then they start looking for new one's. Its the cycle of hope and failures in third world.

Coming back to optimism, the desire to live free with free enterprise, a global communication is a slow death for Mullahism or N2ism. The world of successors is always different from the world of founders. I am a great believer in separation of state and religion. They are messed up on their own so much, that together its a sure death of civilization, But it will never happen, as the divine caretaker is taking care of mankind.

See the turnover of Pakistan society today. From karachi to peshawar a population of 160 million is now against few thousands criminals called Talibans. These blowing jobs are just desparate night crimes.
You are totally wrong that pak army is finishing job, no its the people. The hate against talibans is multiplying by hours. Army has the backing of people. Talibans have no chance, and about their ideology, the dont have any.

So relax and see the ever going war between evils and not so evils. A hungry population of 2 billion muslims in the world is not going for religion. No way. In fact they are forgetting or turning back on the religion, if you want the truth. Only we dont see that.
See planet earth from ISS space station, fast disappearing polar ice. Green amazon jungles and religions.


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