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Re: Eureka!
Date: Sunday, 21 June 2009, 4:39 am
In Response To: Eureka! (Hasan Esa)

Daydreaming pays off only when our dream also dream about us.

Law of gravity and law of buoyancy existed before Newton and Archimedes were born. So they didn’t create these laws, but laws found them.

Our ambition is proportion to our capacity. Like Mullahs, they spend hours asking God to execute their heavenly dream. But nature does not ask a person to attempt great things than his ability can hold. There are many laws in the universe that laws are still waiting for someone to dream about it and find them.

So anyone who wants to find laws and copyright them under his name, like Archimedes or Newton did, both the person and the law have to dream about each other.

Otherwise, daydreaming is one sided, but it does give us some relaxation and we do or think whatever we want to perform in dream.

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