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Pakistan Zindabad!
By:Jarnail Singh, Amritsar
Date: Friday, 19 June 2009, 5:59 pm

Pakistan making Corridor Road. Abb tera kaya hoga kalia

Year 1947 is a biggest tragedy of human history when about 10 lac people were massacred and one crore had to migrate. About 35% of the total Sikh population had to run away from newly created Pakistan. Quite obvious they had to leave behind their historical and religious places.

In independent India whenever the Sikhs raised a question of the pilgrimage to shrines in Pakistan, the RSS brand of mindset raised questions on the very integrity of Sikhs. To prove their patriotism the innocent Sikhs would temporarily forego their demand on pilgrimages. This was in violation of international conventions on pilgrimages. For instance Hajj to Mecca will continue even if there is political tension in Arabia or Arabia's relations with some country were tense. While Indian Govts would immediately suspend Sikh pilgrimages even if there was small untoward incidence on border. Come Kargil, come Babri, firing on Parliament and the Jathas are stopped.

But you cant befool all the people all the times and it was ultimately proved via the examples like Kartarpur Corridor that it is the RSS mindset which does not want that the Sikhs have any interaction with the Muslims and it was for this reason that jathas were stopped for one pretext or the other.

As you know Pakistan has already approved the Corridor to Kartarpur and it was Indian Govt which was indifferent to it. This sangrand i.e June 15, when the Sikh congregation was praying at the border we found lot of dust rising on the other side of border i.e towards Kartarpur sahib. We asked the BSF men as to what was that dust. They said Pakistan is building a road to this border. My joy knew no bounds. Reaching Amritsar I contacted my friends who have links with Pakistan Gurdwara Sikhs to confirm construction of road. Before they could confirm the yesterday newspapers have carried a Lahore datelined news that Pakistan is building the Corridor Road. Take it from me peace will have a dawn in this region once the corridor is opened and hatred between the two will vanish. The miracle will happen.

RSS has been befooling Sikhs for long and the Sikh representative body the Shromani Committee over which it has absolute control would obviously endorse the RSS view point but now there will be problem for both. How would they now say that Pakistan doesn't agree on Corridor, the lie they have repeated a hundred times.

So now there will be road visible from Indian border which will have sign boards such as, "WELCOME TO KARTARPUR SAHIB THE SHRINE OF PEACE" I repeat popular Hindi movie Sholey's dialogue when Kalia is fully trapped and the Gabbar asks him, "Abb tera kaya hoga kalia." So do we ask from Shromani Committee and RSS. We wish peace to these organizations also.