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Date: Wednesday, 17 June 2009, 1:36 pm

17 Jun 2009
بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم
In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Kind

Dear brothers and sisters,

اسلام علیکم
Peace be upon you

1. Operation Raah-e-Raast
Pakistan: 14 militants killed in Dir districts
They are falling into the trap made by the Pakistan Army… انشاءاللہ soon they will be wiped out from the Pak SarZameen.

“Sources said nine suspected Taliban militants were killed in Dir Lower and five in Dir Upper, respectively.”


Pakistan’s Elite SSG Commando Force – The Pride of Pakistan
SSG Training and the Commando Course is a test of fire and steel. It requires real commitment and determination. Elite SSG Commando force of Pakistan army is protecting Pakistan’s border with honor. These brave hearted and courageous Commandos of the Special Services Group are the pride of Pakistan army and the nation.

2. Indian weapons in Swat & FATA
“While the Pakistani government is reluctant to confront the Americans about the activities of America’s Indian allies, the Pakistani military has given the Americans solid evidence about the activities of Indian intelligence in Pakistan’s tribal belt and Swat.”

3. Muslim charities affected by war on terror
Under the cover of war on terror, Muslims charities are being closed globally, making way for UN and Zionist backed NGO's to come and take control of Muslim societies. Now, Muslims can’t even give zakat in many countries as it may come under terrorist financing!!!!

“The US-led war against terrorism has adversely impacted the Muslim charities and affected the religious freedom of Muslim donors in the United States, a news report by the American Civil Liberty Union said on Monday.”


4. UNHCR releases 2008 global trends-Pakistan hosting largest number of refugees
We may appear to be a poor country, but we have a heart of lions. We are magnanimous, tolerant and hospitable and help the needy in times of crisis. Pakistan hosts and protects largest refugee population on earth from many countries and there are no riots between locals and guests.

“With about 1.8 million Afghans still in Pakistan, the country is host to the largest number of refugees in the world, says a new report of the UNHCR.”


5.US torture, the painful truth
The American Double face, Exposed!

“It may be a blow to our self-image, but torture has been part of the American way for decades.”


US Congress Takes Up $106 Billion War Funding Bill
They are not taking any lessons from the Iraq and Afghanistan war…their economic system is failing but they are not accepting it

“A $106 billion bill to pay for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan was headed for a close vote Tuesday in the House of Representatives. Complicating the outcome is that the legislation includes money for poor countries, aid to Pakistan, pandemic flu preparation and government rebates to people who trade in gas-guzzling cars.”


US credit card defaults rise to record in May
“With a steep deterioration of Bank of America Corp's (BAC.N) lending portfolio, in what appears to be another sign that consumers remain under severe stress.”

6. Proof: Israeli effort to destabilize Iran via Twitter
Was the Iranian election a fraud? That's what our great western media sources want us to believe but we have to see and believe only what is real.

“Right-wing Israeli interests are engaged in an all out Twitter attack with hopes of delegitimizing the Iranian election and causing political instability within Iran.”


جذاک اللہ خیراً

Zaid Hamid