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Re: Zaid Hamid Is A National Hero
By:Qamara Sultan
Date: Friday, 12 June 2009, 11:05 am
In Response To: Zaid Hamid Is A National Hero - 2M Video (Qamara Sultan)

This is the latest newsletter from the momin Zaid.
Qamara and family

12 Jun 2009
بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم
In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Kind

Dear brothers and sisters,

اسلام علیکم
Peace be upon you

We sadly announce the death of Maulana Sarfaraz Naeemi in a suicide blast in Lahore after Juma salat. Maulana Naeemi was a strong opponent of TTP terrorism in Pakistan and had supported the military operation against terrorists. He had been receiving death threats for a long time and on Friday, the terrorists were able to assassinate him. May Allah bless his soul and accept his sacrifice. He stood against terror and paid the ultimate price. May Allah bless him. Another suicide blast in Nowshera Masjid killed many more.

These terrorists are not humans; they kill with impunity in Masjids when people congregate for salat. They bomb ordinary people and children without discrimination. They are terrorists and we resolve to fight and finish them whatever the cost may be. This will strengthen our resolve to unite the nation against terrorism. پاکستان زندہ باد

1. Tribute to Pakistan Army
Someone has picked up the extract from Zaid Hamid’s interview on pakistanfirst and added his own comments. This is Brasstacks tribute to Pakistan armed forces, though he has embarased us by his comments on top.


Lt Atif Qayyum Shaheed
راہ حق میں یونہی آگے بڑھتے چلو

2. Indian Nuclear Scientist disappears
This is his latest newsletter. Long live Zaid! We love you.
Qamara and family

Indian Nuclear Scientist L Mahalingam has disappeared. He was working in ‘Ganga Atomic Plant’ for the last 18 years and was carrying highly confidential nuclear information. This disappearance has deep global concerns.

“A nuclear scientist, who is a native of Chennai, has gone missing from Kaiga Atomic Energy station. L Mahalingam, who is from Anna Nagar, Chennai, was reported missing since Monday morning. His wife Vinayaka Sundari has lodged a police complaint, saying her husband who had gone out for jogging had not returned home. He had left behind his wallet. The Mallapur police is undertaking a search. ‘‘We cannot rule out the possibility of a kidnapping. His wife told us that they never had any problems at home and there are no police records on a threat perception to Mahalingam,’’ a police officer from Karwar said.”


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