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From Hindu Brahmin to Islam
By:Abdul RasheedTM
Date: Tuesday, 9 June 2009, 7:52 pm

From Hindu Brahmin to Islam

Muhammed Umar Rao


Allah's grace that I'm blessed with deen of Allah, I'm Mohammed Umar Rao from India, I embraced Islam 6 years back at the age of 18. I wanted to share my story with you all perhaps this would make a difference for non Muslims to really think over to know what is the truth .I shared my story with 2 brothers, Alhamdulillah , they were convinced that my decision and choice is best, they started reading Quran and also embraced it few days back.

My Background:

I come from a middle class orthodox Brahmin family; my parents worked in private firms (Mother: teacher, Father: textile engineer). My religious education was at my maternal uncle's place, that's how I became orthodox and my whole family education was always against Muslims, which was nailed in me deeply.

I was associated with RSS for few years; I always hated Muslims to the extent that in all public functions I wanted to give high volume for music sound boxes to ensure that the Adhaan should not be heard at all. I used to go round the town visiting all temples to complete my worship everyday. I was liked, appreciated in family for being orthodox and encouraged to do more.

My Meeting with Islam:

In the summer, my mother asked me to work for a Muslim business firm, which I disagreed, because from childhood I always hated Muslims. My mother stopped forcing me on this; I worked few summers with a non-Muslim so I was able to satisfy my parents. Later, I quit that part time job because I did not like the job and started concentrating more on studies aiming for a better job. Meantime, my mother, sisters worked 2 months in part time for this Muslim brother. They were highly impressed with him.

I always hated this person because I did not like the fact that my people were praising a Muslim whom I always hated. I was pushed and insulted for not being useful to the family, so I started working for the same Muslim brother though I hated him before going. After getting in his shop I started hating more because the non muslim employees of that shop embraced Islam, I took this challenge to teach him a lesson claiming my religion is true and from there, I started doing comparative study with whatever common sense which Allah had blessed me then.

By now, in the verge to know more about Islam, I started reading English translation of the Holy Qur'an (by Abdullah Yusuf Ali). This changed my entire student life; I was stuck with fear, doubts, I realized the fact that whatever I'm doing is wrong, my religion is all about imaginations/myths and false stories. I had many questions, doubts like where am I heading to, what should I do? What is my duty? Why has the message of truth not reached all of us? Many questions came to my mind and my entire student life went in this hunt of truth.

I started questioning my parents, people around that who has seen God almighty to paint /make images of God, all answered me that none has seen God which is so true as it is mentioned in many places in The Qur'an. Finally, some mythological stories broke my faith down. The stories of Ganesha, Chamundeswari, Ram, Sita etc did not make sense to me. I could no longer imagine them as gods.

When I questioned my parents that Vedas are against Idol Worship and why do we still practice it, my mother scolded me saying we are supposed to do it as our forefathers did it, the next day I read a verse in the Qura'n, Al Baqarah (Chapter 2) which reads "If truth has come to you, Will you still follow footsteps of fools who went before?" and "We will not ask you about what they did, nor ask them about what you do , every soul has will get it has earned". When I read this I was shocked to see something which I just questioned my mother last night. This ayah (verse) hit me right deep inside. I slowly stopped worshipping idols, and stopped doing Pooja (Editor's note: A Hindu ritual for prayer), since shirk (Polytheism) is the only sin which will never be forgiven. I started practicing the teachings of Islam in secret in the beginning. There were few quotes from chapter Al Baqarah (Chapter 2) in which Allah says "There are few, who accept Islam wherever it profits them and not whole heartedly, these are hypocrites", Also chapter Al Maidah (Chapter 3) "I perfected your religion this day, I choose Islam for you, no other religion will be accepted by your Lord, Know that Allah is All wise". I realized that for all the questions that I have in my mind, the answers are present in the Qur'an.

By grace of Allah, I started conveying message of Allah at my home with little knowledge I had, I wanted to complete my B.E meantime, conveying the truth would make it easy in the long run for me and my family, but after my final year of diploma I was pushed to wall, then the time came where I had no choice but to quit my family, my sister also embraced Islam and she joined me. We had to live out of our house for more than a year without a job, regular source of income. Alhamdulillah, Allah made our ways easy to be firm on truth.

As Allah says in the Qur'an "If they say we believe, don't you think they will be tested?" Over a period, Alhamdulillah, Allah opened doors of opportunities for us, I had quit my previous job as I was unable to perform my five times prayer, All the opportunities that came my way were from the mechanical industry which demanded that I work in shift and compromise my prayer. After quitting that job/mechanical profession for 1+ year, I did not get any job where I can perform 5 times prayer, Grace of Allah, I started working as faculty for 2000 rupees for a year and now I'm blessed with a better Job. By the Grace of Allah, Almighty Allah has chosen us, there's nothing more required.


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Perfect work: Islam's coherent structure of moral teaching and practical life programme attracted me. It is a perfect work of architecture. All its parts complement each other: nothing is superfluous or lacking. - Muhammad Asad (Leopold Weiss)

True freedom: I am attracted to Islam's concept of One God. Nothing is like Him. This belief in the Oneness of God librates man from servitude to any human being and this is true freedom. The direct relationship between God and His servants also attracted me. - Ibrahim Khalil (Philobus)


: Islam is perfection Compared to other scriptures, The Qur'an is like the Sun compared to a match. Anyone who reads the Word of Allah with a mind that is not completely closed to the Truth, will become a Muslim - Saifuddin Dirk Walter Mosig

Inner Peace:

When I read the Qur'an, I really felt that this is a belief that I should have. I can't really explain it, only one who has reverted would understand, because it's a feeling, an inner peace. - Canadian Sister

Books against Islam:

I came to Islam after reading the books written against Islam. I felt that these writers feared the dynamism of Islam. They put it to utter disgrace because they feared it.

Oneness of God: It is pure monotheism. It has a clear moral system. No scripture expresses the message of the Oneness of God as clearly as The Qur'an � Yahya

Slow Dawning:

It was a slow dawning. It wasn't like I woke up one night and said 'This is it'. Reading the Qur'an answered my questions of faith in a logical manner � Carole Strum


I am convinced that the Qur'an is the Word of God. Things mentioned in the Qur'an were discovered by scientists in the last 100 years. The only one who could have known those things 1400 years ago was God. � Khadija Evans


Because you cover yourself up you'are not seen as a sex symbol, and because people cant judge you on your appearance, they have to judge you as a Human Being. That's quite liberating. You don't need anything else once you've found Islam. � Bahiya Malik (Lucy Norris)


Having a mind that accepts ideas on their factual merit makes believing in a religion difficult because most religious require acceptance by faith. Islam appeals to man's reasoning. � Dr. Jeffery Lang


When I became a servent of Allah, I became liberated from all other forms of servitude. Others may thing they are liberated but they are addicted to hoarding wealth, unlawful sec and intoxicants. � Yahya Donald W. Flood

Nothing irrational:

The logical and fascination style of The Qur'an penetrated deep into my soul. In Islam there is no irrational or unbelievable tenet or anything contradictory to modern science. � Dr Hamid Marcus

Life Itself: To some people religion, is a private concern like an amateur hobby.