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The bold, illegal, risk taking ladies.
Date: Monday, 8 June 2009, 6:43 pm

There are three recent cases, when adventurous ladies went illegally to dangerous countries and were arrested.

An Iranina origin American journalist went to Iran, knowing that Iran has no relations with USA and its not safe for her. They hate Iranian, who fled form there after shah. She was arrested and released after some behind the door chipping.

Dr. Afia Siddiqi , a Pakistan origin American doctor cum Talban went to Afghanistan quietly, arretsed and now her family and Pak media is crying over her release. Why she went quietly. wht was she doing there. If you are social worker, why not go thru official missions. No one talks.

Two chinese origin American journalist, based in china, sneaked into N. Korea, arrested there and now crying on 12 years jail term. Why sneaked into that country, which is so hot on international arms friction. Why they went, it can only be stupidity.

In all these cases, the common things are Boldness, stupidity, crying and illegal act of entry into a dangerous zone. Third world countries are governed by Ruthless dictators and they love such opportunities as bargaining chips with west for benefits.

Boldness is good , but then be ready for consequences.