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Re: Is America a terrorist state?
Date: Tuesday, 2 June 2009, 4:38 pm
In Response To: Is America a terrorist state? (Heer Saleti)

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"The question of Palestine is the core of the conflict in the Middle East and that no comprehensive, just and lasting peace in the region will be achieved without the full exercise by the Palestinian people of it's inalienable national rights and the immediate, undonditional and total withdrawal of Israel from all the Palestinian and other occupied Arab territories."

The General assembly,

"Condemns Israel's continued occupation of the Palestinian and other Arab territories, including Jerusalem....and demands the immediate, unconditional and total withdrawal of Israel from all the territories occupied since 1967."

"Strongly condemns the continuing and increasing collaboration between Israel and the racist regime of South Africa, especially in the economic, military and nuclear fields, which constitutes a hostile act against the African and Arab States and enables Israel to enhance its nuclear capabilities thus subjecting the States of the region to nuclear blackmail."

"Strongly deplores the negative vote by a permanent member of the Security Council [America] which prevented the Council from adopting against Israel, under Chapter VII of the Charter, the 'appropriate measures' referred to in resolution 497 (1981) unanimously adopted by the Council."




This collection -- 5,120 documents (over 14,000 pages) -- chronicles CIA involvement in the 1954 coup in Guatemala.

State Department, Top Secret Cable from Rio De Janiero, March 27, 1964

"We recommend (A) that measure be taken soonest to prepare for a clandestine delivery of arms of Non-U.S. origin, to be made available to Catello Branco supporters.."


State Department, Secret Cable to Amb. Lincoln Gordon in Rio, March 31, 1964

"The following decisions have been taken in order [to] be in a position to render assistance at appropriate time to anti-Goulart forces if this should be done....Dispatch of US Navy tankers...Immediate dispatch of naval task force for overt exercises off Brazil. Force to consist of aircraft carrier...four destroyers, two destroyer escorts, task force tankers...about 110 tons of ammunition....tear gas for mob control"


CIA, Intelligence Information Cable on "Departure of Goulart from Porto Alegre for Montevideo," April 2, 1964

"Joao Goulart, deposed president of Brazil, left Porto Alegre about 1 P.M. local time for Montevideo."


U.S. SECURITY (Senate - March 05, 1992)

[Page: S2874]

Mr. CRANSTON. Mr. President, the collapse of the Soviet empire has fundamentally changed the nature of the security threat to the United States.


ICITAP is a law enforcement development organization whose mission is to work with foreign governments to develop effective, professional, and transparent law enforcement capacity that protects human rights, combats corruption, and reduces the threat of trans-national crime and terrorism, in support of U.S. foreign policy and national security objectives.


more sources :







A United States Declassified Document from Nov 1, 1983 states:

"We have recently received additional information confirming Iraqi use of Chemical Weapons."


In December 1983 Donald Rumsfeld (in full knowledge that Iraq was using chemical weapons on a daily basis & had gassed the Kurds) met & shook hands with Saddam:


On Iraqi use of U.S. chemicals to make CW:

"When we become aware of attempts to do so, we will act to prevent their export to Iraq."


The Iranians drafted a UN Resolution condemning Iraqi use of Chemical Weapons.


Declassified Documents at the George Washington University:


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