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Re: No action, no Islam
Date: Monday, 1 June 2009, 7:36 pm
In Response To: No action, no Islam (Muhammad Latif Chaudhery)

Lateef Sahab, Salam,

we realize that N2i's have hugely out numbered true Muslim. But they can not be blamed either, as people follow parents, society, culture and country. The course was set by a thousand year sectarian, fake and hadeesi islamic education. How can they be out of that web over night.

What is going on is that population is growing on a massive scale due poverty and illiytracy, not knowing consequences. Such population can only go two sides. First is Religionless, going for earning bread, and second group towards No.2 Islam, trying to get free bread in mosques with out doing any thing like monks. Both are helpless, as they are human beings. Current taliban wave is the second group turned into ruthless criminals. The jobless rate is almost over 50% in Northern areas of Pakistan, while in Egypt, its 25%.
Its a sure black cloud on horizon and it will grow.

This is not year 1000AD. Until and unless there is an industrial and educated society in this century and onwards, there wont be jobs and a jobless population can not be as per your ideal wish of true muslims. They can only be criminals of some kind.

A hungry man will never be a ideal person to deal with. When you see Pakistan, Egypt, Indonesia, African countries, you see common factors, which are massive population, Poverty, illiteracy, crime, mosques and Mullahs. Only middle East is better off due to temporary oil money and Malaysia due to good governess, bringing industrialization.

Good character, humbleness and attitudes only come, when one has food and shelter. So before we wish for Good religious behavior, we must work on creating jobs, providing food and shelter. In this era, it will only come from industrialization in diversified fields. Unfortunately most Muslim countries are governed by corrupt up to the core leaders and military, who do not have any concept of leadership, statesmanship, economics and industry.

Its my personal feeling that in few decades, there will be big wars between rich and poor regions, not on religion or land, but on bread and water.

Sidqi. ca

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