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Re: "Ayah Kareemah" & Mufti Taqi
Date: Sunday, 31 May 2009, 7:39 am
In Response To: Re: "Ayah Kareemah" & Mufti Taqi (Shazia)

Ms. Shazia hopes: “we can only hope that N2Is understand the error of their ways."

Alas! at present you have a dream for the following reasons:

One of the deadliest things in Muslim society are bearded and shuttlecock egotism. This has created factions among Muslims with no respect to each other. Each sect creates a distinct set of belief for themselves with specific diktats and rituals. Many factions are now well established, and one cannot imagine being a Salafi and Brailwi, or Taliban and non-Taliban at the same time. This curiosity is oxymoron.

Each sect must interpret the words of Quran depending upon their positioned perception. Each faction must defend their knowledge as true understanding of Islam. The only way to reconcile their views with others would be on the basis of who is right, not what is right.

This is what bearded egotism can afford to tender. This turns the whole scholarship of Islam into a scholarship of disagreement.

Because we each may hear the words of Quran in a unique way, Muslims routinely argue about their meaning in their own way. When true scholars of Islam disagree or argue about the meaning of Quran, they must actually help each other to find the truth. Not many scholars are trained to do that. The greater dilemma is that bearded egoists. They are not going to reach to that height because they think they are already there.

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