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Pakistan doing right
By:Nina Kaur, Amritsar
Date: Friday, 29 May 2009, 2:11 pm

The Sikh Associations in India and abroad feel that Pakistan is doing right to upgrade its nukes. It is facing a most cunning enemy, India, that is now flaring up the current insurgency in the peace loving Pakistan.

Pak moving towards more destructive N-weapons: Experts

Agencies Posted online: Friday , May 29, 2009 at 1108 hrs

Washington : Pakistan is moving towards a nuclear weapons program that is more destructive and deliverable, a US think tank said.

"Pakistan is likely supplementing or replacing its current uranium-based nuclear weapon arsenal with plutonium-based weapons which will be more destructive and deliverable," said Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS) in response to a news article in Washington Post published on Pakistan's nuclear program.

Washington-based ISIS said 'The Washington Post' called Pakistan's imminent development of nuclear-tipped cruise missiles and perhaps thermonuclear weapons a sign of a "more mature" program, as if to imply that more destructive nuclear weapons somehow lead to a better nation.

"By incorrectly describing what is going on in Pakistan, these choices of words distort the debate before it even starts," ISIS said.

In the last two weeks, Pakistan has sought to turn the public debate over its nuclear program into a binary choice between Pakistan expanding its program and Pakistan modernizing its program, it said, adding that the truth, however, is more complex.
"Modernising" a nuclear weapons program, rather, should at most be interpreted as improving the security of existing nuclear weapons, increasing security of fissile material in storage, at military and civilian nuclear industrial sites, or in transit, ISIS said.


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