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Genocide of Sikhs 1984
By:Salvinder Dhillon
Date: Friday, 29 May 2009, 2:04 pm

Dear Colleagues

Genocide of Sikhs 1984

Below is information on a important events on Human Rights being held in Southall and Ilford. Leaflet is also attached. Please join us and circulate information to assist publicity. Thanks

Salvinder Dhillon

Public Meeting

Genocide of Sikhs 1984
25 years later – injustice continues

Punish The Guilty! Bring them to Justice!

We shall fight for the guilty to be punished, and for the creation of mechanisms to ensure that state organised communal massacres do not take place again.


Sunday 4pm - 31st May 2009


§ Indian Workers Association (GB)

§ John Mc Donnell MP

- Chair of Panjabis in Britain

§ TARAN – S. Kaur

- Suffering of victims

§ Suresh Grover

- AWAAZ-South Asia Watch

Dominion Arts Education Centre,
112 The Green, Southall, UB2 4BQ


Saturday 5pm - 30th May, 2009


• Indian Workers Association (GB)

• TARAN - S.Kaur

- Suffering of victims

Redbride Punjabi Centre
293-297 Ley Street, Ilford 1G1 4BN

These past 25 years have witnessed an escalation of state-organised communal massacres in the name of "fighting terrorism" and opposing "religious fundamentalism". Starting with the attack on the Golden Temple and the brutal massacre of people of the Sikh faith in November 1984, demolition of the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya followed by brutal massacre of Muslims in 1992-93, and the genocide unleashed against Muslims in Gujarat in 2002 – all reveal a consistent pattern. They reveal the unmistakable hand of the ruling class and its state in the organisation of the communal pogroms.

Organising communal genocide is part of the preferred method of governance in India, institutionalised into the state apparatus. Governments use communal violence to divide people and divert people from their common struggles for a better livelihood.

All parties in power justify using state terrorism and communal violence, in the name of fighting terrorism and of defending the unity and integrity of India. We must demand justice for victims; end to state sponsored communal violence and punishment of the guilty. We must support the struggles of Indian people to fight for an end to this hateful system which offers nothing but savage exploitation and unbearable oppression, death and destruction, poverty and destitution; Struggles for the realisation of a People's Democratic India with working people empowered to be sovereign.India with people as decision makers, masters of their own destiny with no place for exploitation, oppression and insecurity.

DVDs on Human Rights and Racism will be shown as well.

Contact: Salvinder Dhillon 07949671870
* saldhillon@hotmail.co.uk | Dalwinder Atwal: 07904866582

DVDs on Human Rights and Racism will be shown as well.