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Taliban capitulate, sue for peace
Date: Wednesday, 27 May 2009, 2:31 pm

27 May 2009
بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم
In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Kind

Dear brothers and sisters,

اسلام علیکم
Peace be upon you

1. Operation Rah e Haq
The terrorists are stunned by the ferocity and intensity of military response. For the first time in months, we are seeing militants in total and complete disarray, being hunted by daring raids by special forces and regular army, backed by gunship and even fighters jets where required. It is a bloody and ruthless battle in the mountains and in the valleys of Swat and Malakand region which would be decisive showdown in days to come, انشاءاللہ, decimating the terrorists who had lived long enough.

Pakistan Military Kills 29 Militants in Northwest
"Pakistan's military says its troops have killed 29 militants in the northwestern Swat Valley over the past 24 hours. Military spokesman Major General Athar Abbas says at least six soldiers were killed and 11 others wounded during the recent fighting. During a press conference Tuesday, he said Pakistani forces are now in control of three villages near the Kabal area of Swat. The army launched the offensive earlier this month after militants violated a peace deal and advanced within 100 kilometers of the capital, Islamabad. The Pakistani army says about 1,100 militants and at least 63 soldiers have been killed in the offensive."

Troops trapping Taliban in Mingora, Peochar
"* 36 Taliban killed in fighting in Swat and Dir
* Gen Ghani says Taliban escape routes cut off
* Says only ground troops operating in residential areas to avoid civilian casualties."


Fazlullah asks his men to stop fighting
The Pakistani Taliban -- under pressure in fighting with the military -- it wants to return to a peace deal that recently collapsed but we cant trust these foreign elements more because they have already destroyed and ruined Pakistan’s image and overall structure so the ultimate treatment for them is force.

"Maulana Fazlullah has directed all his mujahideen to stop resistance in Mingora and its surroundings to avoid hardships to the people and losses to the civilian population,’ Taliban spokesman Muslim Khan told AFP on Monday. ‘Most of our mujahideen have already left Mingora,’ he said by telephone from an unspecified place, only saying he was speaking from a mountain top."

Taliban seek return to peace deal in Pakistan
Cowards as they are, now they want Army to stop beating them to pulp!

"The fighting in the Swat Valley region has forced thousands of civilians to abandon their homes. The fighting in the Swat Valley region has forced thousands of civilians to abandon their homes. That collapse sparked the ongoing massive military operation, a Taliban spokesman said Tuesday. Taliban militants in Swat Valley have announced that they are willing to disarm if the Pakistani government allows sharia, or Islamic law, to be implemented in the region, a spokesman for Taliban mediator Sufi Mohammed said..."

Brave soldiers of Pakistan Army
‘My wish was to die in the way of Allah and for my country. I will definitely go back and hit them hard,’

"They used to attack early in the morning or after dark. They would always go for an ambush, said Lieutenant Zaigham, wounded in battle with the Taliban and lying in a hospital. Zaigham was wounded when a rocket shell exploded in Matta and shards of shrapnel sliced into his shoulder and leg..."

2. North Korea fires missiles after nuclear test

“North Korea reportedly fired two short-range missiles on Tuesday, in a move set to heighten tensions after its latest nuclear weapons test drew global condemnation...”


3. Iran, Afghanistan & Pakistan meet to sign regional stabilisation agreement
Karzai and Zardari, both born losers are totally incapable to deliver any good to people.

"Regional people are able to tackle ... security issues by themselves," he said during talks with Hamid Karzai and Pakistan's Asif Ali Zardari on Sunday..."


جذاک اللہ خیراً

Zaid Hamid