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JSQM threatens to demolish IDP camp
By:Mubashir Inayet
Date: Monday, 25 May 2009, 3:10 am

What happened to Islamic brotherhood and extending help to refugees (Muhajareen) who are suffering because of action against Taliban? Islam has taken a back ground here because the hosts are wary of the Islam of the refugees!! Something has gone terribly wrong here.


JSQM threatens to demolish IDP camp (Daily Times, Lahore, May 24):

* MQM proposes IDPs stay in Punjab

LAHORE/KARACHI: The Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz (JSQM) has threatened to demolish the relief camp for the Swat displaced set up by the Sindh government on the outskirts of Karachi if the authorities did not wind it up in 24 hours, a private TV channel reported on Sunday.

According to the channel, the JSQM staged a protest demonstration against the Kathore camp and its chairman said Taliban were coming to Karachi disguised as internally displaced persons (IDPs).

Meanwhile, senior MQM member Anees Advocate proposed that the IDPs be settled either in their own province, the NWFP, or in Punjab.

He said that the influx of hundreds of thousands of IDPs into Sindh would change the demography of the province, and permanent residents have a right to object to it in view of the bitter experiences of the past. daily times monitor/staff report