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A lone Soldier againast Cancer
Date: Saturday, 23 May 2009, 6:46 pm

Thousands of studies confirm that the world's #1 cancer-causing threat is...


It's obvious, isn't it? Just as chemicals in cigarette smoke destroy our lungs, other pollutants in our air, water and food attack the rest of our cells every day. When your body's young, your liver disarms these attackers. But as we age, our liver overloads. Toxins build up and mutate our DNA. That's how cancer begins!

Frightening, but not inevitable. Because Dr. Gary Null's Power Aging study has shown there's a safe, simple way to get rid of this toxic buildup. With one of the most abundant organic compounds on earth...


This is the substance that makes plants green and helps them overcome pollution. It's what enables houseplants to cleanse harmful chemicals from the same air we breathe. And a huge body of scientific research suggests that chlorophyll extracts can help cleanse chemical poisons from your entire body.

Dr. Gary Null's chlorophyll discovery is so easy and effective, it should be a part of everyone's cancer-avoidance strategy. And if loved ones are already getting chemo or radiation, be sure to show them this study.

"I had breast cancer -- now gone! No indications of any cancer."
-- Grace, case history #7,261

"I had uterine cancer. I had a hysterectomy, however, the cancer returned. [But now] my cancer seems to be in full remission!" -- Etta, case history #8,346
"I was diagnosed with lung cancer. [Now] I am cancer-free without medication!" -- Jean, case history #2,498

Do'nt eat cooked food. Take Chlorophyll., a lot of it.. when in serious distress. Its there in all Greens.

( Source: Power Aging. By Dr. Garry NULL. Phd. )

Sidqi. Ca