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Re: Indians fighting in Pakistan as Taliban
By:Hasan Shabbir
Date: Thursday, 21 May 2009, 3:17 pm
In Response To: Indians fighting in Pakistan as Taliban (AhmedQuraishi.com)

20 May 2009
بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم
In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Kind

Dear brothers and sisters,

اسلام علیکم
Peace be upon you

1. Operation Rah e Haq
الحمد اللہthe Operation is moving on fast pace. Many regions have been cleared and refugees have started to return to their homes. انشاءاللہ, soon, the country wil be rid of this menace and cancer we call TTP.

" The army has made progress in its campaign to secure Sultanwas and is confident that the Buner area will be cleared of militants on Wednesday. “Security forces have succeeded in clearing almost half of Sultanwas and the rest is most likely to be cleared by Wednesday,"

Five burqa-clad Arabs arrested in Mohmand
We even have pics of non-Muslim killed Uzbek, Sikhs or Gorkha terrorists which proves that they are Indian backed foreign militants fighting in Swat and FATA.

"At least 13 militants were killed in a clash with security forces following arrest of five burqa-clad Arabs, one Afghan national and a local man in Mohmand Agency on Tuesday. Four of the five Arabs are Saudi nationals — Ahmed, Ali, Mohammad and Obaidullah — and one Libyan national, Abdullah. The Afghan national has been identified as Habibullah and the local man as Shad Ali. They were detained at the Khapakh checkpost, west of here. The Afghan was living in Chakdara area of Lower Dir..."

Malakand operation endorsed by Ulema
Finally, religious scholars get together to suport the army and the patriots to fight against the cancer of TTP. This is a good sign, الحمد اللہ

"Ulema belonging to different schools of thought endorsed on Tuesday the military operation in Malakand division. Speaking at a conference on ‘Protecting the country from threats of extremism and terrorism’ organised by the ministry of religious affairs, they vowed to combat militancy..."

2. End of LTTE in Sri Lanka
India Defeated In Sri Lanka!

"The Indian-backed terrorism and insurgency in Sri Lanka has finally been defeated. Like the Pakistani military, the Sri Lankans have come to realize that this is not a civil war. This is a foreign-backed trouble. The funniest part of Indian-backed terrorism in Sri Lanka is that it was quite clear where the money, arms and support was coming from. The terrorists were cornered in a tip of the island closest to the southern part of India. No matter how hard the Sri Lankan military pounded these terrorists, they would come back the next day with more weapons. A couple of times the terrorists returned with small planes!"

Sri Lankan army slaughters LTTE leaders
No Sri Lankan ever said that Sri Lanka is about to break. They had faith and love for their country and finally crushed the Indian backed terror group LTTE.

"The 26-year conflict was not, however, a "war on terror" but a communal war to establish the political supremacy of Sinhala ruling elite and to divide the working class."

Prabhakaran's body found
الحمد اللہ Sri Lankans able to crush Indian backed terrorist group. The Sri Lankan forces found the dead body of LTTE head Prabhakaran. It has brought an end to three decades long Indian backed insurgency. A Big Blow to Indians. Now it is turn of TTP to be crushed, انشاءاللہ.

3. CIA: US does not know location of all Pakistan's nuclear weapons
Why is the CIA supposed to know or not know in the first place? Neither Pakistanis are kids nor US their parents, this non-sense of US poking its nose into our matters has to come to a stop soon انشاءاللہ

"Leon Panetta, the CIA director, has said that the US does not know the location of all of Pakistan's nuclear weapons but is confident they are 'pretty secure'. "

4. Pakistan’s own SLV and Paksat launch
الحمد اللہ, glad tidings from Allah to the Muslim Ummah through means of Pak Sarzameen.

"All systems are go. Pakistan’s reach into space is about to take a huge leap within a few months. Pakistan launches its first indigenously produced satellite Paksat-1R in a couple of years. Although this satellite will be launched with Chinese help, Pakistan is developing and will soon have its own Satellite Launch Vehicle (SLV). Pakistan already has a headstart on intermediate ballistic missiles, and has the technology, intelligence and resources to convert military missiles to space technology. Muhafiz e Pakistan A.Q. Khan confirms it."

5. Pakistan’s Plutonium based Tritium H-Bombs deter Indian aggression
"Some wonder why Pakistan needs Nuclear weapons. Superpower Army scared to attack Pakistan. Feared India would loose territory. Pakistan began its Nuclear development in the 70s in response to the aggression of Bharat (aka India) as well as the India’s first Nuclear explosion in 1973. At the time, Pakistan approached all the superpowers and asked them for a Nuclear Umbrella. The Pakistani missions were laughed out of town. Pakistan also asked the international community to stop the proliferation perpetuated by Bharat. No efforts were made to stop the proliferation."

6. Can Pakistan trust French “offer” of Civilian Nuclear technology?
"In the 70s France and Pakistan had a signed agreement for a Nuclear Reprocessing plant. Despite the fact that funding had been arranged, France reneged on the sale under pressure from America. In the 90s Benazir Bhutto resurrected the deal and Paris promised to set up a Reprocessing plant for Pakistan. France again did not conform to its promises and did not supply the plant."

7. Here’s how Israel would destroy Iran’s nuclear program
"Israeli government ministers and Knesset members who will help make the decision about whether to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities do not have to wait any longer for a preparatory briefing by the Israel Air Force.They can read about all the possible scenarios for a strike on Iran, and about the potential risks and chances of success, in a study by Abdullah Toukan and Anthony Cordesman of the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington."

US training 'terrorists' in Iraq, Iran says
US's do it yourself recipe towards War against terrorism !

"Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei accused Washington on Tuesday of training "terrorists" in the Kurdish region of neighboring Iraq."

8. Brazil and China eye plan to axe dollar
The end of dollar nears by the minute

"Brazil and China will work towards using their own currencies in trade transactions rather than the US dollar, according to Brazil's central bank and aides to Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, Brazil's president."

9. Naimatullah Shah Wali's Predictions
Episode 1 and 2 has been uploaded. You can watch these episode by clicking on following links

10. Obliterated history
A page from our history which we are never taught! How the "civilized" British decimated an entire civilization and Muslim identity in India. When we see these horrific times, the role and stature of Allama Iqbal and Quaid Azam appears even greater considering the extreme odds they faced to re-engineer the Muslim society back to its glory and dignity.

Obliterated history
Dr Muzaffar Iqbal

May 10, 2009 passed without any official or unofficial event in Pakistan to remember that historic day of May 10, 1857 when a last, ill-planned, and fatal attempt was made to get rid of the overweening English traders who were becoming de facto rulers of the vast subcontinent. What began on that Sunday morning in the town of Meerut would be later called "Ghadar" (Mutiny), "the Great Rebellion", "the Indian Mutiny", "the Revolt of 1857", "the Uprising of 1857", the "Sepoy Mutiny" by those who wrote its history for the colonized people of India and inserted this appellation in the textbooks which were to be used for generations.

When we went to school, we read about the "Ghadar" and Sayyid Ahmad Khan's account of the "Reasons for Ghadar". The appellation may have now changed to " India 's First War of Independence", but there is certainly very little public discourse on the larger and long-term changes which followed that historic day.

Crushed with brutal force, this last armed resistance against the occupation of India came to an end on June 20, 1858, when Gwalior fell. A reign of terror followed. Men were tied to the mouths of cannons and blown to pieces, as Richard Holmes has vividly described in his 2005 book, Sahib: The British Soldier in India 1750-1914. A note from General Montgomery to Captain Hudson, "the butcher of Delhi " exposes how the British military high command approved cold-blooded massacre of general populace of Delhi , reminiscent of Halagu Khan's massacre of the residents of Baghdad in 1258: "All honour to you for catching the king and slaying his sons. I hope you will bag many more!"

A policy of "no prisoners" was adopted, whole villages were wiped out on the flimsiest rumours of sympathy for the local soldiers.

An estimated ten million Indians lost their lives, as Amaresh Misra describes in his two volume work, War of Civilisations: India AD 1857, published in 2008. Back in England , the accounts of atrocities of the British "Army of Retribution" were generally considered justified in the wake of exaggerated press accounts of Indian "savagery" against the "Europeans and Christians". During a year of terror that followed the events of May 1857, and for a long time to come, India went through a gigantic transformation which must be considered as one of the largest and most cruel experiment in social reengineering in modern history.

First the Company and later the British Crown, through its representative in India , the Viceroy, attempted to remake India in their own image. A society that had lived in a certain manner for centuries was remodelled from ground up. Memoirs, chronicles, letters, and personal accounts of the time describe cataclysmic events. "My dear sir," wrote Mirza Ghalib to Nawab Anwar al-Dawla, "what shall I say about the destruction of houses and mosques! The builder of the city might not have exerted so much planned effort for building them as the owners of the country [meaning the English] have for their destruction. My! my! Almost all buildings from the times of Shah Jahan within the walls of the fort and most of these in the city were demolished painstakingly and where picks and shovels and other tools did not suffice, tunnels were made and explosives were used to demolish them."

Aristocratic families of old were ruined, thousands were killed, imprisoned, or sent into exile, a whole new administrative was imposed, and new institutions were implanted which changed everything in the vast subcontinent- -from the judiciary to education. The ill-fated effort also led to the insertion of the Jewel that India was, into the Crown of the British monarch, thus conveniently shifting the exploitation of Indian resources and people from the control a trading company that had come begging for concessions from the then mighty Mughals to the British monarch.

Ninety years later, when the British finally left the Indian subcontinent, they had produced so many brown sahibs that there was no further need for their physical presence; now they could achieve what they wanted remotely, although now they had to share their profits with a newly emerged tyrannical power. This shift would be so drastic that all previous history will be quickly obliterated to make room for an entirely different public discourse.

People who lose their history, simultaneously lose their future. We are such a people. Any attempt to reclaim history is simultaneously an attempt to reclaim future. Yet, it is neither the details the armed resistance against the occupiers nor the heart-wrenching accounts of those who were blown to pieces which make this attempt meaningful; it is in understanding the present in the light of the past that makes this act of recall a meaningful process of reconstruction and reassertion. Those who refuse to see their present in the light of their past, have no understanding of the extent of transformation Pakistan is now undergoing. They cannot imagine the new history of our people which will be written fifty years from now. That history will transfigure not only the May 1857, but also May 2009.

جذاک اللہ خیراً

Zaid Hamid

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