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Language of Courage by H.Clinton
By:Marco Petroni
Date: Wednesday, 20 May 2009, 7:18 pm
In Response To: Language of Cowardice (Bilal Javed)

Pakistan: Clinton says policy in last 30 years 'incoherent'

Washington, 20 May (AKI/DAWN) - The United States secretary of state Hillary Clinton acknowledged that Washington had not been consistent in its dealings with Islamabad.

Talking to the media at the Foreign Press Centre in the White House on Monday, Hillary Clinton said "It is fair to say that our policy towards Pakistan over the last 30 years has been incoherent. I don’t know any other word".

About the military operation underway in Pakistan to root out Taliban militants, Hillary Clinton said the US was working with Pakistan to determine and disrupt the route for supplying weapons to the militant group.

"Yes, we know that the extremists are being supplied," she said when asked why the US was unable to disrupt the Taliban supply route.

The secretary recalled that in the 1980s, the US partnered with Pakistan to help train the Mujahideen.

"Their security service and the military were encouraged to go after the Soviets in Afghanistan and when they withdrew in 1989, we said thank you very much".

Clinton said while it was fair to apportion responsibility to Pakistan, but the US also shared the responsibility for what happened during and after the Afghan war.

"What President Obama is doing is qualitatively different from anything done before. We support the elected government … it is a relationship very clear, honest to each other."

Clinton also said the US was assisting the new government in Islamabad to be "as successful as possible in delivering, we believe the future of Pakistan is extremely important for the US … the advance of extremism is a threat to our security".

She underscored America’s strong support for the effort by the Pakistan army for defeating the terrorists.

Clinton said the Al-Qaeda and their allies were intent upon harming not only US friends and allies in Pakistan and Afghanistan but also in the US homeland and to American citizens.


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