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Karachi in danger
By:Tahir Mahmood
Date: Monday, 18 May 2009, 3:19 pm
In Response To: Karachi in danger (Nazeer AD)

Daer Br,
Salam, It's true that there are so many of these problems and many are related to these religious schools. These politicians do not mnake any rules and regulations for the operation of these and so many other institutions. They sit in the parliments and get their salaries and frofit on the amount they spent during the election compaigns.

The mayor who is ranked 3rd, I don't know for what. I was in Karachi in November 2008, just before he wad announced on their own channel. In defence we did attend a function in the community centre. In early hours of the morning when we left the hall the outside air was full of urine and rotting stool smell. I could not imagin that such an area will have outside facility. On inquiry from the driver of the minibus we learnt that they have all the sewer in the open and it smells like that at night. Those mayors and city chiefs have not come up with any ideas how to manage that. It is left open for the healthy fresh air and I am sure goes to the ocean.

Also the same materials is used for watering the roadside plants. Just imagine after it dries where all those bacteria end up.

He can complain about all this but will not say or be part of rule making about those madrasassa because the votes come from the poeple who are under the influence of the mullahs. And the mullahs will not say any word about jihadis even if they beleive that some acts are wrong as they have get chanda from the poeple who need the gaurantees to go to heavens without doing anything. So some one has to get out of this mess and say loud.

Tahir Mahmood\\

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