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Life threats to AB
By:Ansar Burney Trust
Date: Monday, 18 May 2009, 12:44 am

Ansar Burney receiving life threats in Pakistan:

ISLAMABAD, May 18: The United Nations Expert Advisor at Geneva and Pakistan's former Federal Minister for Human Rights, Mr. Ansar Burney is receiving life threats from Talibans, Extremist and Fundamentalist groups in Pakistan, who asked him to stop his human rights and Peace work and also stop supporting to Non-Muslims and foreigners in Pakistan otherwise leave the Country or be ready to die.

On the night of Thursday, May 14, at Islamabad, there was a car followed him and tried to kidnap him, but he managed to safe himself from kidnappers. Four long bearded men were sitting in that Car that looks like Talibans or from other extremist groups.

On the other hand Mr. Ansar Burney Chairman of the Ansar Burney Trust International has refused to stop his human rights and peace process work in between India and Pakistan and his support to Non-Muslims and Foreigners as well as he also refused to leave the Country and said; “I am ready to face any consequences on my work for Human Dignity and Peace process and ready to die while saving human dignity and giving smile to crying humanity.”

“I refused to leave the Country and told these Terrorists that I will continue my human rights, Peace, Justice and human dignity work till I am alive.” “I receive threats by post and on phone”, United Nations Expert Advisor, Ansar Burney, said.

In the last two weeks even severe life threats from Talibans, Extremist and Fundamentalist groups in Pakistan, Mr. Burney visited Sawat, Buneer, Turkaey, Mardan, Malakand and Swabi and took full part in humanitarian activities along with the volunteers of Ansar Burney Trust. More than one Million people have already migrated to other parts of the Country only because of Talibans and Talibanisation, and Migration is still continuing.

on Tuesday, 12th of May even threats to his life and threats to his family from extremist and fundamentalist groups, Mr. Burney visited Siri Panja sahib Gurdwara in Hasan Abdal and met some 2,500 Hindu and Sikh community families evacuated from Swat, Banu and Deer and took refuge in the Gurdwara Panja sahib in Hassan Abdal.

The Ansar Burney Trust is providing humanitarian aid to the misplaced families from Swat, Buneer, Banu, Mardan, Malakand and Deer in Pakistan.

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Life threats to AB
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