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By:Muhammad Rafi
Date: Saturday, 16 May 2009, 5:14 am
In Response To: Re: OUR MINDSET (Dr. Shabbir)

Respected Doctor Sahab
In response to my views I have received a mail from a friend of mine who is a Retired Commodore. I am attaching the response for the kind information of Our Beacon fraternity.
Muhammad Rafi

Dear Professor Sahib,Please read it to the end and the attachment too,
I feel it is not just in Punjab, your observation applies to all over Pakistan. Places like Binoree Town Madressa, Abubakar Madressa, DarulUlum with a plot of a few acres on the University Road in Karachi, (So Called) Justice Taqi Usmani's seminary are a few examples that operate in the heart of Karachi. These seminaries have a few thousands of Talibs (Students) Once I attended a party in Dehli Mercantile Society. There, I came across a Businessmen, who proudly said he was financing four Medressas; one in Karachi, one on the outskirts of Karachi, one in NWFP and one in Turbat. While he was telling us so he served us with dates from Turbat that were grown in his Madressa in Turbat. He said he had planted these trees himself when he had started the Madressa. I surveyed areas in Sindh Baluchistan, in 2001, for opening Bahria Foundation Schools. I visited Sangahar, Nawab Shah, Naushehro feroze, Sukker, Khairpur Mirs, Gwadar, Quetta, Ziarat, Loralai, Kohlu and a few more smaller towns. I travelled by road and stayed in Rest Houses, I went for prayers in mosques and a number of times stopped in small roadside villages to say prayers. I found these Madressas everywhere. These are funded by the traders and businessmen from mainly the bigger cities of Pakistan. They call themselves likes of Ashab-e-Sufa. The problem is so deep embedded that in our life time it is difficult to get over it. The fault is with not only ZiaulHaq but successive rulers in 60 years who did not open schools all over the country, while another group of economic venturers(Graduates of these Madressa and Mosque and mosque side land grabbers) continue to spread like virus all over the body. In reply to a similar E-mail I had once proposed a few steps, I am attaching these with this reply.
Please do read it and let me have feed back.

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