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By:Muhammad Rafi
Date: Friday, 15 May 2009, 2:41 am

Almost anyone who belongs to the so called middle class that has emerged during Zia's time esp in Punjab have a little Taliban (instead of neutral conscience) inside him which dictates and over-rides his social practices and indulgences. This little Taliban will never allow him to liberate his mind though he may achieve excellence in Science and technology but when ever he is confronted with a situation where on one side is enlightenment and on the other is belief (nurtured since his childhood by listening to all sort of religious talks/sermons by demented mullahs), he becomes more hardliner and will start creating a so called Islamic (tribal) environment around him. This cluster of population in Pakistan with their little Talibans are confused by current situation where they see clash of their Country with their Religion; who's side he stands he is not sure. A win in oneday cricket with India makes him very patriotic Pakistani instantly and in second instant by listening to
a crap by people like Qazi Hussain of JI or Imran Khan he stands by his religious (here overtly anti-Pakistan) brothers. This is a real dilemma. Until and unless they replace this little taliban full of social and religious hypocrisy with true conscience based on basic human tennents like honesty, the situation will never improve.

Pakistan is not in danger because of her ignorant masses but from the mindset framed by the little Talib in the mind of our so-called hypocrite urban dwellers.. doctors engineers, IT experts, etc.

There is no doubt about the fact that India and Afghanistan are Pakistan's worst enemy, but the danger from within is a most fulminant issue of all and this can only be addressed if we are stop confusing Islam with Pakistan.
That is why Quran is against "Aslaaf Ka Deen' and favours independent thinking rhrough knowledge.'Taliban' is the name of a mindset that is convinced of the invincibility and truth of its beliefs. You may have these in any society and all religions.
We are definitely passing through a very important and volatile phase of history in which all our VALUES will be put to test.

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