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By:Dr. Shabbir
Date: Thursday, 14 May 2009, 4:19 pm

Just one example:

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Dear Dr. Shabbir,

I am impressed with your website. I am interested in learning more about Islam and those whom practice it. It is my intention to one day soon, visit the many diverse regions of the Middle East. I am interested in learning Arabic and becoming associated with Islam, as I believe that such a relationship will benefit me in the future. I found your words moving, and I know that what you teach and share with others is of the mouth of God. The world has given into madness and I believe the time has come for men like you. We need more men like you, ministers of peace, and observers. I know I shall learn what I need from you and yours. I thank you for your contributions to this world, and for your efforts. I shall learn as much as I can and I hope that you and I can correspond on what I learn, and perhaps share ideas, etc. Thank you so much for your time and effort, I look forward to our friendship.


John D

Respected Mr. John D, Peace & Blessings!

Consider me your friend. I type slowly but I will be happy to respond to you.

My phone number is 954-746-2115.

I will feel honored to send you a few reader-friendly books of mine.

God bless you for your kindness!

Dr. Shabbir