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Talibans or Shaitans
Date: Wednesday, 13 May 2009, 9:04 am
In Response To: Kill the Kafir Shias: Say Taliban (Husain Hasani)

First of all we have to know who they really are. The term Talibans generally means one who ask or needy of knowledge.(Ilm).
But since they blow schools, For them knowledge (Ilm) is haram and lock and stop women against Quranic order of equality. So the name Taliban is totally a wrong one for them.

Then, who are they. They are Shaitan (Satan or Fitna). Why,
Because they are still living in year 600.( Before Prophet(Sa) time ), and do not believe in evolution. Killing daughters, living in clay houses, dealing in interest (Riba) system, bartering daughters for crimes, marrying them before puberty and so on. These are all pre-islam practices
They have their own Quranic understanding.
They kill any one who is not like them. A satanic promise.
They are after human society, a satanic promise.
They kill and dig out dead humans and hang them on trees. A satanic act.
They whip girls in public.
Quran declares "Intrest' as Haram, but they live with that. A satanic disobedience.
The list is long....

So why not call them with their real name" Satan". and stop disrespecting the word " Taliban" (Students).

In fact all Islamic Governments should pass a resolution to name them as such and force media to call them with this new name.
Ultimately it will benefit to curb this curse. A lot of illiterate followers will run away from them. I hope so.


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