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India helping Taliban
By:Zaid Hamid, RWP
Date: Friday, 8 May 2009, 3:46 pm

Turning Tides: The Pakistan Army Fighting Back
US itself is the biggest danger to Pakistan.

"In a parallel development, a new consensus appears to be emerging, that can be called the "Zaid Hamid Consensus" that charts out a broad policy of independence from the US and an Islamic state in the philosophical lineage of Allama Iqbal rather than a Taliban/Salafi style interpretation. This consensus, if it can gain critical mass, could prove to be an antidote to both foreign designs against the country as well as the internal threat of the Salafists and terrorists. The Americans are also in the game. The American game plan is represented by a rehash of the "Sunni Awakening" strategy in Iraq under the brand name of "Sunni Tahreek" a so-called Deobandi outfit. This is perhaps the biggest danger for Pakistan, as it will in the long-term move the battle from far flung and remote areas to the city centers of the country in a rehash of Iraq post US conquest, with the violence, militias and terror that it accompanied. With the political government's cooperation and US funding, this could easily turn very nasty".

America Confusing Swat
Swat peace deal is good for Pakistan; has nothing to do with America & is none of Europe’s business.

"Swat is exactly what the demonization of Afghan Taliban and the creation of a fake ‘Pakistani Taliban’ is all about. Pakistan has supported Afghan Taliban, so create these monsters inside Pakistan, call them ‘Taliban’, make them kill ordinary Pakistanis mercilessly, and when anger builds up, point the finger at Pakistani military. What the Pakistani media is not noticing is how that everything that the so-called Pakistani Taliban does ends up supporting the U.S. government and military’s argument for boosting troops in Afghanistan and advocating U.S. military intervention in Pakistan. Swat peace deal is good for Pakistan; has nothing to do with America, is none of Europe’s business. There is no way to eliminate the insurgency in Afghanistan without political reconciliation inside Afghanistan itself. Drone attacks and peace deals in Pakistan are irrelevant".


Pak orders military to 'eliminate' Swat militants
We are proud of our Armed forces who are wiping off the Zionist, US and Indian filth from Pak Sar Zameen's Swat Valley!

"Pak sent fresh troops to the volatile Swat valley Friday after ordering the army to "eliminate" extremists battling government forces for control of the key northwest district. Authorities slapped an indefinite curfew on a swathe of land to facilitate the deployment of troops, a senior military official said. The move came after attack helicopters, artillery and warplanes pounded suspected Taliban hideouts Thursday in the deadliest fighting since the government reached a February peace agreement with hardliners. In a televised address, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani called for unity against extremists he said were threatening the nation's sovereignty and who had violated the deal".

Pakistan launches full-scale military assault on Taliban
Long Live Pakistan, Long Live Pakistani Defense forces
"Pakistan declared war on its homegrown Islamic extremists Thursday in a dramatic move that could trigger a wider conflagration.
Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, in a late-night televised address to the nation, said Pakistan would launch a full-scale offensive against Pakistani Taliban guerrillas who've seized control of the vast Swat valley, which is about 100 miles north of the capital".

Rehman Malik presents ‘proof of Indian hand in unrest’
"At a closed-door Senate session on Thursday, Interior Adviser Rehman Malik presented a bleak picture of the security situation in the country and showed what he called evidence of the involvement of India, Afghanistan and Russia in terrorist activities. It is the first time Pakistan has blamed these countries and cited evidences which, it is believed, will be shared with the international community, particularly the United States, which has expressed concern over growing militancy in the country. Following a harsh statement by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, US special envoy Richard Holbrooke telephoned President Asif Ali Zardari on Thursday and conveyed a similar message."

Indian RAW funded Swat terrorists: $650 million to destabilize Pakistan
"India intelligence: “‘the aim of RAW is to keep internal disturbances flaring up and the ISI preoccupied so that Pakistan can lend no worthwhile resistance to Indian designs in the region.”

64 militants die as army pounds Taliban
Army continues to gain control over the valley as Taliban suffer damage and are gradually eliminated.

"President Asif Ali Zardari has assured US President Barack Obama of Islamabad's commitment to defeating al-Qaeda and its allies. A February pact intended to halt Taliban violence in Swat has collapsed and on Wednesday the army launched assaults in the outskirts of the region's main town of Mingora. "We can't stay here when bombs are falling all around," said Mohammad Hayat Khan, as he watched his family of 14 board a truck".

Pak troops bomb Taliban; Govt says no more dialogue
"Unleashing an all-out war on the Taliban, Pakistani fighter jets on Thursday pounded militant positions in the restive tribal belt, where a son of a pro-Taliban cleric who negotiated a controversial peace deal in Swat was killed in shelling by troops."

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