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Pakistanis are a vibrant and magnificent people
By:Jon Nicolucci in Islamabad
Date: Wednesday, 6 May 2009, 5:02 pm

´╗┐Pakistan is the natural modern expression of a millennium-old rule of a succession of Muslim empires that extended from Central Asia and Middle East into India. It has nothing to do with what Indian Muslims gained or did not gain from Pakistan. Indians must not confuse things here. This is not about India. It is about a culture and a people who were different from the Indians in every respect, even if some of the actually lived among the Indians [read Hindus] in Delhi and other old center of Muslim rule. All of these people are Pakistanis. Pakistan did not separate from anyone. Pakistan actually existed for all those centuries when a new nation of Muslims were occupying and ruling India.

Pakistanis are a vibrant and magnificent people. The insurgency in areas of Pakistan close to Afghanistan has only one dimension of it covered by CNN and BBC. There are other aspects. There is the role of covert operations from Afghanistan, done by several countries, inside Pakistan. What you're seeing here is not just Pakistanis. These Pakistani Taliban include many other hidden faces. So it is wrong to judge Pakistan or Pakistanis by the news these days.

The image of a collapsing Pakistan is also fake and a creation of the Anglo-American media for their own strategic purposes. They have failed to defeat the Afghan Taliban in Afghanistan so they're turning their guns on Pakistan. So whatever analysis you want to do, make sure you get your facts right.

Jon Nicolucci in Islamabad.
[an American freelance journalist].