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Tasbeeh is just a bead job.
Date: Tuesday, 5 May 2009, 8:34 pm

One of my friends's constant tasbeeh act and his contradictory business acts are known to me, which prompted me to collect info on this topic.

Tasbeeh is taken as reciting God’s name on beads. Its also called Tasbeeh Fatima(Ra), since there is a hadees that he advised her so. People normally use a 100 bead Tasbeeh, but some use a 1000 one. Some do on millions of seeds or grain. They keep uttering some Arabic words without knowing the meaning, lips moving and fingers on beads and think it is a great obedience. Its not only Muslims, other religions also have adopted this practice, or vice versa. .

But Tasbeeh means to perform as ordered or to obey God. Every thing, living or material is doing tasbeeh, means doing their assigned jobs. ( 59/24, 61 /1, 62/1).

>>>61:1 All things in the heavens and all things in the earth (Universes) are constantly working to manifest the Glory of Allah and to fulfill His Plan. For, He is the Almighty, the Wise.

Sun, a creation of Allah has a tasbeeh, to provide non-stop sunshine for planet earth for its component of life, agriculture and vaporizing seas for the rain purpose.
Sun is doing his Tasbeeh. Similarly all animals are doing some thing or the other as tasbeeh. Even a vulture is doing a job of eating Carcass to avoid bacteria formation in jungles. If he stops that, most animals will die of infections. An Ant and insects are always busy in sweeping food particles to keep other living beings safe from bacteria developments and do cross pollination purposes. So every one is doing Tasbeeh very well. A cow/goat provides milk for us as Tasbeeh. Humans doing their job like carpenter, doctor or what ever professional they are, are doing their job as tasbeeh, serving other beings.

The concept of tasbeeh for the sake of reciting only, was not there at the time of Prophet(Sa). There is no evidence that Prophet or Sahaba use to do Tasbeeh, hence its not even a sunnah.

It was originated by Gotam Bodh, went to Christian Rabbis, followed by Iranian shiet imams. They are one who later grafted it into Islam and made us parrots.

Quran simply ordain us to comply with its given laws and to obey is our Tasbeeh. It can not be taken as just reciting on beads, since in all Ayets, its absolute clear that “”every thing in universe is doing Tasbeeh”” and its very obvious that planets, sun, air or animals are only doing their jobs, except Tabeeh actors.

Sidqi. Ca