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Re: What Islam Is Not
Date: Saturday, 2 May 2009, 4:07 pm
In Response To: What Islam Is Not (Muhammad Rafi)

About your comment on Manji. "She is wrong".

There are questions. Who decides right or wrong. why we are always right and others not. Does any human has this authority.

Human beings are not machines and every one tries to reach top of the mountain thru different paths. Every one's intention is good and ultimately God will decide rewards. People calling each other as wrong are interfering in divine authority. One has to do his best as per given senses and environment available for the betterment of his own life, other human beings and planet earth.

Perhaps this way, world will be a better place.


Musharraf said this one right in his video clip.
" we converted few kafirs to islam, but declared more muslims as Kafirs.

Sidqi. c

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