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Date: Thursday, 30 April 2009, 9:28 am

Pakistani Security Forces killed 50 Taliban in Buner operation
We are proud of our Army and Security Forces who are striving hard day and night to make sure Pakistan remains safe and united. All US and Global conspiracies to defame the Army through allegations and media warfare have conked out.

"Pakistani security forces have killed 50 Taliban and lost one soldier in an operation to drive the militants out of the strategic valley 100 km (60 miles) northwest of Islamabad, a military spokesman said on Wednesday. Major-General Athar Abbas told a newsconference in Rawalpindi, the garrison town next door to the capital, that forces in Buner has also freed 18 of some 70 police and militiamen kidnapped by the militants on Tuesday".

Hindu extremists attack Pak journalists in India
This is what the Indian and International media will never tell you!
"The extremists of a Hindu religious organisation, Shri Ram Sena attacked a group of Pakistani journalists here on Wednesday. According to an Indian news channel, the Shri Ram Sena extremists thronged New Delhiā€™s International Center where a meeting of Indo-Pak Forum was going on. They thrashed visiting Pakistani journalists and chanted anti-Pakistan slogans".

Maoist rebels threaten to derail Indian elections
Indian Separatist Movements gaining Pace & Power towards fulfillment of their motives which is Freedom & Separation from India.

"A growing insurgency by Maoist rebels in India is threatening to derail the country's parliamentary elections with a series of co-ordinated attacks".

US 'losing control' in Afghanistan:
As BrassTacks earlier informed the Muslim Ummah... US Coalition forces & their strategy in Afghanistan suffers massive failure... Taliban take control of Kabul.

"Richard Armitage, a former US deputy secretary of state, has told Al Jazeera that the conflict in Afghanistan may be "spinning out of control".

The Taliban's Roads to Kabul
US Coalition forces & their strategy in Afghanistan suffers massive failure... Taliban take control of Kabul.

"All other roads around the capital are permanently or intermittently under Taliban control. The father of the Education Minister was recently kidnapped when he went to attend a family funeral in his home province. The lockdown in Kabul ahead of Mr Brown's visit with checkpoints and road closures was an illustration of the security problem which still plagues the country".