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Get ready for the worst!
By:PakAlert Press
Date: Sunday, 26 April 2009, 9:40 pm

1334 days left for Age of Transition to begin!

Get ready for the worst!
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The Destabilization of Pakistan: Finding Clarity in the Baluchistan Conundrum
The problem for US is that BLA alone is not able to break away Baluchistan from Pakistan. Of the 5% population of Baluchistan they don’t even have support of 10% Balochi population. The Pakistan Army and ISI are resisting the assault in national and strategic interests of Pakistan. The Great Game of Brzezinski will surely continue in Baluchistan and rest of Pakistan, the people of Pakistan are ready to counter this great game now we need leadership and some courage. It will take some time to achieve courage and leadership but it will come eventually. Street revolutions are easy to carry out the hard part is the mental revolution. That is what is required right now to challenge the US global hegemony.
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Media Disinformation: Reframing the War in Afghanistan and Pakistan as a “Class War”
The fact that the Taliban is a party of the peasant classes, but certainly not the only one, is not news in Afghanistan or Pakistan. It is thus interesting that The New York Times (“Taliban Exploit Class Rifts to Gain Ground in Pakistan,” 16 April 2009) is now exploiting the fact the Taliban do represent significant groups of peasants as if this is news. This indication of a possible reframing of the war in Afghanistan and Pakistan as a class war is significant as the U.S. escalates the intensity and scale of warfare in the region.
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Crisis as a Means to Building a Global Totalitarian State
As the world financial and economic crisis comes into its own, the Western political leaders and elites are seeking to impress on mankind the idea that this upheaval will end up ‘turning the world into something different’. Even though the picture of the ‘new world order’ remains vague and fuzzy, the main idea is quite clear: A single global government, goes the argument, has to be established if we don’t want general chaos to prevail.
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Former Italian President Says 9/11 was CIA & Mossad Operation
Former Italian President Francesco Cossiga, who revealed the existence of Operation Gladio, has told Italy’s oldest and most widely read newspaper that the 9-11 terrorist attacks were run by the CIA and Mossad, and that this was common knowledge among global intelligence agencies.
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Analysis: How the Israeli Madoff is a key financial player in 9/11
The terror attacks of 9-11 and the financial crisis that exploded in September 2008 are similar and connected. The similarity between the two events that occurred almost exactly seven years apart reveals the criminal thinking behind both events – and the method. On 9-11, the world witnessed the horrific terror spectacle when the World Trade Center was attacked, bombed, and demolished into a pile of rubble in broad daylight. The demolition of the twin towers is an unprecedented event in world history.
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Al-Qaeda Chief In Iraq: Captured, Killed, Never Actually Existed, Now Captured Again
You couldn’t make it up if you tried. AFP today reports that Al-Qaeda chief in Iraq, Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, has been captured and arrested. The problem with this is that al-Baghdadi has already been reported captured, previously reported killed and even said to have never actually existed by the U.S. military.
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Video: UAE prince caught red-handed on torture video!
A senior member of the UAE royal family has been caught, literary red-handed, in a torture scandal after a videotape was released showing a man being severely assaulted by the prince. The videotape smuggled out of the country by Bassam Nabulsi, a businessman from Houston, Texas, depicts Sheikh Issa bin Zayed al-Nahyan, the UAE Crown Prince’s brother, savagely torturing a man.
Watch: http://pakalert.wordpress.com/2009/04/24/video-uae-prince-caught-red-handed-on-torture-video/

Israel planned to attack Iran on April 17: Debka
Israel had planned to attack and “destroy” the bulk of the Iranian Air Force fleet during a maneuver on April 17, Israel’s Debkafile claims.“Israel was planning to destroy all 140 fighter-bombers concentrated at the Mehr-Abad Air Force base for an air show over Tehran on Iran’s Army Day the following day,” read the Debka report.
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‘Secret’ submarines lead show of China’s naval might
China showed off its nuclear submarines to the world for the first time today with two previously top-secret vessels leading a naval parade in the East China Sea.
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Obama Action Guarantees Murder Of Americans
The time has come that Americans better wake up and stand up. Every Citizen can use the Courts to stop this idiot and should. Barack Obama must be stopped. Barack Obama and his goons have infringed upon Americans rights more in three months than George Bush ever did in eight years.
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Video: U.S. Army prepares to invade U.S.
The plans to implement martial law in America have been taking shape for decades, hidden behind “Continuity of Government” contingency planning. Now, with public outcry over the banker bailout bill at fever pitch, all of the pieces are in place for the U.S. Army to start policing American citizens.
Watch: http://pakalert.wordpress.com/2009/04/24/video-us-army-prepares-to-invade-us/

US Martial Law Lockdown Exercise in Seward, Alaska?
As we noted earlier this week, the threat of al-Qaeda or Muslim terrorism in the United States is a remote possibility at best. In recent weeks, the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI have raised the specter of domestic terrorism carried out by “rightwing extremists” and this effort to stigmatize and demonize the patriot movement has been vociferously criticized and has led to a lawsuit against DHS secretary Janet Napolitano and her agency.
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China vs United States: A Visual Comparison
For many China remains something of a mystery. In order to help compare and contrast the economic differences, we have simplified the data from the CIA World Factbook.
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Israel wants China’s help in Iran battle
Israeli President Shimon Peres wants China to help Tel Aviv prevent Iran from developing nuclear technology and long-range missiles.
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US jobless claims hit record 640K
The number of Americans filing applications for jobless benefits has reached a record high of 640,000, the US Labor Department says.The Labor Department said on Thursday that the number of new claims in the week ending April 18 rose from a revised 613,000 the previous week.
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