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The next step?
Date: Sunday, 26 April 2009, 6:24 pm

Salamun Alaikum
Being just a reader of the Quran for a long time, I can now differentiate between the 'deen' and the 'mazhab'.It really took a long duration for me to reach the state of 'Laa-Illaha Il-Allah'.I dont know what to do now? Its a tedious work to make Mullah accept Islam in the light of Quran. After attending the every 'Zuma' namaaz, I think for hours,is there any way to make people free from the clutches of our so called scholars.
Every magazine and urdu news paper have been publishing and repeating the same stories and false Hadiths for centuries.It is not easy to get publish any good article written in the light of the Quran and modern science in their print media, we cannot ask any question to 'Maulana Saheb' having very colourful beard and wearing very silky and costly KURTA.

Respected readers, very humbly I want to know what a person can do living in a society full of unquranic concepts,rituals and dogmas.And further more how can we think to establish the Quraninc socio-order or the NIZAM-E-SALAT and ZAKAT in a country where this is just contrary to the stablished constitution? If individually or collectively we cannot act in the light of the Quran, then what the benefit to know what Islam wants from us?

Every nation in the world is accepting the truth proved by science and they accept anything after trying various methods and learning from their failures.They are not at all interested to accept any form of objectively present guidance.At the other side every regious person claim their religion being the only true religion in the world.
Dont you people think that we are all living in a state of dualism, believing in something else but following the world blindly in every field.

Please tell me how to get rid of such dualism.

Shahnawaz Akhtar

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The next step?
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