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Revolutionist versus Orthodox
By:Muhammad Latif Chaudhery
Date: Sunday, 26 April 2009, 3:11 pm

I have yet to hear a person saying " The Quran is not enough". Cerainly the Quran is complete, perfect and self explanatory but the point is that Quran is not for enjoying the beauty of its text. It has to be acted upon and for the implementation of its values and principles in our practical life we have to think of ways and means and work out modalities according to needs of our time. We are not new to Islam. Our experience of living as a Muslim is of more than 1400 years. We have a rich heritage to our advantage. Presently we are split up in two groups; one is of the view that ways and means worked out by the exalted prophet are conclusive and we should continue following them as they have been handed down to us. The other group comperatively a small one is of the opinion that our history is doubtful and our circumstances have changed. We should therefore review the ploicy of being ritualistic. The position, as I know is that my honourable friends belonging to this group have abandoned everything and have resolved to hold up as such until they are able to vote down the practices in vogue.

Incidentally I may mention that having resolved to abide by the dictates of Quran and Sunnah, the people of Pakistan decided in 1973, to continue with the current laws and find out through a Central Body of experts, set up for this pupose, if any of these laws (public or personal) are repugnant to Quran and Sunnah. This system of screening, as I know, is far too simple involving no costs and legalities, yet I have not heard of any reference made by heralds of Quran alone, against any laws, usage, custom or creed, envisioned, enforced or in practice as being contradictory to Quran. What then is the cry? Is it not that by revolting againt the practices in vouge. without suggesting an alternative, we are trying to distract poeple from what little they are doing in the name of Islam? No one should have the right to ridicule the existing Jurisprudence and accuse men of letters, without producing a revised one, acceptable to majority of people.

Please be informed that I am not talking of the researchers and pioneers who have lived for the glory of Quran. To me they are being misused.

Muhammad Latif Chaudhery

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