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Re: I want my country back
Date: Friday, 24 April 2009, 12:38 pm
In Response To: I want my country back (Sehar Tariq)


The previous salam was a test :) I am reading a lot about Pakistan and politics on this form now a days. What I don't understand is why people are so scared of Talibans :) Plz don't think I am pro this and pro that. I don't follow taliban's way of life or their religion but honestly I don't think every news that reaches about them is trueand they are not as bad as they're potrayed...just badly projected though. They have their own ways, that may not be right but not worst then what the other muslims are following now a days that's powerfull sucking blood of the weak. Brother when your father warned you about what is going to happen to Pakistan, it was not because of talibans but because of Pakistaaaniiiss themselves. I am sorry to say this but these Pakistanis, specially those mostly scared of talibans, are the ones that created this hell anyway. You think 70% Pakistanis living in conditions you never dream of, deserve that kind of living? Who is taking care or has taken care of them? Do you think they'll care who ever rules them? It's this pathetic 20 plus percent elite and middle class of so called educated people who had the resources and who failed to take care of what could have been the heaven for subcontinent muslims because of their own corruption. Do they deserve this Pakistan rather do only they deserve Pakistan? So if taliban or for that matter any other country takes over , they probably deserve to and they'll probably not resisted atleast by those less fortunate 70 percents. but ofcource the powerful will resist causing Pakistan to disintergrate.

I am not hopeless because I still see people who are sincere, honest and well wishers of Pakistan and they are all over even in different kinds of Pakistanis or so called Talibans. What they need is the right direction. I saw programs of Zaid Hamid and I realised it was a good start. And it's great that he has such an impact on youth. There are many people out there trying to do good for Pakistan. But Mr Zaid also need to realise that even though the nation needs a boost in moral, the core issue is the still the "character of the nation itself" that is the most effective defence against any kind of assail. Character that not only will make people into the strongest but also the most advanced nation in the world. Character that we need to change desperately. And sadly the biggest hinderence to that change is the No2 Islam that people follow. Unless they realise that there will be strategies and there will be plannings but along with it lots of misery pain and sufferring for people... people who did not deserve that in the first place but got caught in the middle because of some hard-headed even self-rightouses who had the power to change but could not see the reality and who refused to take what really was the right path of Allah!
It's a harsh reality we need to admit and face if we are to survive as nation.



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