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Nazir Naji's Trash
By:K.I. Bajwa
Date: Wednesday, 22 April 2009, 6:38 pm

Well, Unfortunately, the true fiber of a nation reveals itself through its intellectuals. If this rendition is not fake, I would not blame the ordinary citizen of that nation for stooping low. As if, the enemies around our borders, the Talibans in our country, the petty domestic political mudslinging, the poverty,the load shedding, the religious controversies, the escalating crimes, the moral degradation and the bribery named HUQQ were not enough to tear apart the fabric of our society into smithereens that we discover renowned intellectuals like Nazeer Nazi's filth hitting the ceiling. Perhaps Ansar Abbassi returned his plot to lend strength to his character/credentials in view of the foregoing. I wish some benevolent Son of the Soil with a trace of honesty steers that country from shame to fame.

WARNING: Please be advised of the vulgar nature of the audio depicting moral degradation.

K. Bajwa

Subject: Is it Real ?


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Nazir Naji's Trash
K.I. Bajwa -- Wednesday, 22 April 2009, 6:38 pm
Re: Nazir Naji's Trash
Mubashir -- Monday, 27 April 2009, 9:48 pm