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By:Zaid Hamid, RWP
Date: Tuesday, 21 April 2009, 9:19 pm

Dear brothers and sisters

Assalam alaikum

We are proud, we are pakistanis !
An article in the May 1993 issue (pages 46-47) of Airforces Monthly, a reputable UK-based air defence magazine, written by a Russian aviation writer, Sergey Vekhov, for the first time in public, provided a first-hand account about the PAF’s pilots:
"As an air defence analyst, I am fully aware that the Pakistan Air Force ranks today as one of the best air forces in the world and that the PAF Combat Commanders’ School (CCS) in Sargodha has been ranked as the best GCI/pilot and fighter tactics and weapons school in the world". As one senior US defence analyst commented to me in 1992, "It leaves Topgun (the US Naval Air Station in Miramar, California) far behind".
Article in the May 1993 issue (pages 46-47 by Sergey Vekhov)

Pakistan has told US straight forwardly that it won't accept conditions on Aid programs
On his visit to Pakistan, US Senator was told by Pakistani Officials that they won't accept conditions being put on aid programs.

No To America's Surrender-for-Dollars Program
Dr. Shireen Mazari, one of Pakistan's most outspoken defense analysts, is sounding a warning alarm to all Pakistanis: US is offering an aid package that reads more like a treaty of surrender. She wonders why Pakistan's officials are silent. We join her in spreading the word far and wide. Say no to America's Honor-for-Dollars Program.

Pope to address the killing of Christian minority and destruction of Churches in the "So called Secular India"
The officially secular India boasts a Christian minority population of 2.5%. "Attacks by suspected Hindu extremists on Christians and their churches in the eastern Indian state of Orissa last year left at least 35 people dead. The violence also spread to other states, including the western coastal state of Karnataka, a state on India's west coast, where at least 150 churches were destroyed".

The New World Order is watching us: The American President can Shut Down the internet !
Cyber Security Senate Bill has been kept low profile and is not vividly discussed in media etc. The bill gives power to the US Federal Government to take complete control of the Internet. In case Emergency is declared, they can Shut Down the world'd complete communication network.


Zaid Hamid