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By:Zaid Hamid, RWP
Date: Sunday, 19 April 2009, 11:55 pm

19 Apr 2009
Dear brothers and sisters

Assalam alaikum

"And (the unbelievers) Plotted and planned, And Allah too planned, And the best of planners Is Allah." (Quran: 3:54)

"US Separatist Movements Rising: Thousands rally with 'tea parties' on tax day
Whipped up by conservative commentators and bloggers, tens of thousands of protesters staged "tea parties" around the country Wednesday to tap into the collective angst stirred up by a bad economy, government spending and bailouts. The rallies were directed at President Barack Obama's new administration on a symbolic day: the deadline to file income taxes. Protesters even threw what appeared to be a box of tea bags toward the White House, causing a brief lockdown at the compound.

Shouts rang out from Kentucky, which just passed tax increases on cigarettes and alcohol, to Salt Lake City, where many in the crowd booed Republican Gov. Jon Huntsman for accepting about $1.5 billion in stimulus money. Even in Alaska, where there is no statewide income tax or sales tax, hundreds of people held signs and chanted "No more spending."

Turks greet Obama on his recent visit saying, "Obongo go home to your Jew masters"
Thinking Turkey is a moderate Islamic state, Obama cleverly visited them... but the response shocked him.
"America’s Zionist administeration picked Turkey as the first Muslim-majority (98%) country to play host to Obama during his current tour of Europe - for the some very ’safe reasons’(See Article). However, both Obama and his Jewish master were shocked to see how Turk public reacted to his 2-day visit to Turkey. According to Washington Times (April 5, 2009), thousands of Turks came out on streets in both Istanbul and Ankara - shouting anti-America and anti-Nato slogans. The protestors carried banners which read "Yankee Go Back", "To Hell With Nato", "Obongo Go Home To Your Jew Masters", "American killers get out from Afghanistan" and "Afghanistan will be Obama’s Vietnam". As a Nato member, 1200 Muslim Turk soldiers are fighting for Zionists’ interests in occupied Afghanistan".


The Story of Bugti’s Death
I am taking a break from writing the Pakistan’s Bermuda Triangle series to discuss what happened in Pakistan’s Baluchistan province early this morning. Some people are making very interesting comments about Akbar Bugti, but none wants to tell the true story of what caused the action by the military early this morning, so here we go.



Zaid Hamid